Turkey Day Attire.

The projected high for Thanksgiving Day this year is a nippy 35°, which means my outfit choices for the holiday just took a turn for the warm and cozy.

How do you navigate attire for a holiday family gathering? Dress up? Dress down? I know my boyfriend breaks out loose jeans (to maximize his ability to stuff his face). I come from the “It’s A Holiday, Let’s Look Cute” School of Thought, with a nod to the comfy.

A variation of what I’m working with this year:


I’ll build  the outfit around a slightly slouchy sweater dress. Stylish + room for pumpkin pie = perfect.

Next comes the sweater tights– which I highly recommend, as they’re much warmer than your average tights. I’m in love with patterned tights, and these diamond-patterned versions are sleek without being too loud.

Boots are pretty huge right now, and a pair of flat riding boots means my feet will be both comfy and warm.

You know I love my accessories– snake rings and double-finger knuckle rings are a few fun options. I’ll top the look off with a long chain necklace, and then I’m officially ready for turkey with the fam!

What are you wearing on Thursday?


  1. Those tights are amazing! I need some.

    I wish I had your fashion dedication when it comes to dressing up- I swear I’m wearing sweats and a hoodie to my family’s Thanksgiving, lol!

  2. Snake rings, really? Crazy- but kinda cool!

    My family dresses up every year, so I’ll be in black pants, turtleneck sweater and heels!

  3. Just passing through and found your blog- I love it! I love the way you write.

    Your Thanksgiving outfit is going to be a hit!

    Take care,

  4. Since I’m doing most of the cooking, I start out pretty comfy and then right before we’re ready to eat I plan on sticking with a nice pair of jeans (darker blue) and a floatly tank with a simple cardigan. Great post….Happy Thanksgiving

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