Animal Instincts.

Animal print is big for fall/winter 2010, but it can be a tricky trend to navigate. Keep the following in mind (to reduce the risk of looking like a 65-but-dresses-tacky-25-year old on a Vegas trip with her girlfriends):

  • Choose pieces that are either classic or a little bit fun. And when I say “a little bit fun,” I mean physically little. One small cheetah-print bangle is cute and gives your outfit some snap; an armful of African-inspired bracelets is a no-go.
  • One animal-related item at a time. Do not be that girl who wears the cheetah cardigan with the zebra pumps and carries a giraffe bag. Frankly, you’re not even allowed to wear three all-cheetah items. Ease into the trend.
  • Wear the animal print on a part of your body you want to accentuate/call attention to. So if you’re not a fan of your waist, maybe the animal print top isn’t for you. Another reason to love animal print pumps/flats– they look great on everyone.
  • Scared of animal print? Easy does it; start with accessories. An animal print scarf or handbag, for example.

A few ideas to get you started:

Animal InstinctsIs animal print a trend you’d try?


  1. I’ve never tried animal print (I always thought it was a little gaudy), but I love these pieces! I like the idea of a scarf or shoes- easy way to try the trend out!

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