Holiday Season What-to-Wear: Your Office Party.

One bright spot to the dreary winter weather is the opportunity to get together with friends, family, and co-workers for some holiday cheer. But what to wear? Each event requires a different type of ensemble, non? You’re not wearing that sequined mini skirt to both the office party and drinks with friends, right? Right.

So in this new What-to-Wear series, I’ll cover the basics in holiday party outfits:

  • Office party
  • Holiday party/drinks with friends
  • Christmas dinner with the family
  • New Year’s Eve

Let’s kick things off with the office party, which is one of the trickiest events to navigate for sure. You want to kick things up a notch, but you also don’t want to walk in as That Girl. That Girl in the Short Skirt, That Girl with the Cleavage, etc. It’s still work, ladies. You will never live it down if you show up and flash something only your ob-gyn should see, you know?

First things first, find out what everyone else is wearing. You’re going to feel a little out of place if you show up in a cocktail dress and everyone else is in their work khakis.

Holiday Season: Office Party1. Forever21 Simple Skinny Pant ($16)
2. Patterson J. Kincaid Marilyn Tank ($98)
3. T Tahari Helen Cardigan ($100)
4. Michael Kors Runway Watch ($250)
5. Steve Madden Snobbie Sandal ($100)
6. Betsey Johnson Iconic Flower & Stone Earrings ($35)

I love the idea of spicing up a classic pair of black pants (ankle-length is my fav [1], but a trouser pant works here, too) with some sparkle. This combo shows you put some effort into the look, but you didn’t break the bank or try and turn your office gig into Prom. All good things.

The sparkle comes from a black cardigan (3), nude pumps (5), and shiny accessories. I love that the cardi and the pumps aren’t matchy-matchy, but also don’t clash. Fashion-zen achieved. (Bonus: you can take any of the pieces here and work them into your real-life wardrobe– because who wants to buy an outfit and wear it once? Brides, that’s it.)

Unbutton the cardigan to showcase a delicate silk/chiffon/something floaty, like this amazing nude + black tank (2). If your cardigan has sequins, your tank should not (and vice versa). Small touches; you’re not a disco ball (tonight, at least).

If a low neckline is a concern, think about a basic black camisole underneath. Just make sure the bottom layer is lightweight and allows the outer layer to lay nicely (i.e., no weird fabric pooches or lumps).

Make your jewelry fun– a bold boyfriend watch (4) and some drop earrings (6) are perfect. A big cocktail ring or chandelier earrings would work, too. You can get away with over-the-top jewelry (in one or two areas– not three cocktail rings, a statement necklace and shoulder-skimming chandelier earrings). Just make sure your bottom is covered. 😉


  1. Super cute outfit. I am tempted to buy all of it!

    I already have the watch and it’s definitely a staple in my workplace accessories.

  2. That tank top is so cute- I can picture it with about 10 different pieces I already own! 🙂
    Great post- can’t wait for the next!

  3. #4 sure looks familiar…….love, love, love the skinny pants. Can you tell me where I can pick up some skinny legs to go in them? 🙂

  4. it is a smart point of view. I most often meet people who rather say what they suppose others want to hear. Good and well written! I will come back to your site for sure!

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