This and That: T-Shirt Edition.

I have racks of t-shirts in my dressing room. No matter how many I own, I can always justify buying another because tees are a key cornerstone of my wardrobe. I can build any outfit around a t-shirt– dress it up, dress it down, wear it under a dress, with classic denim, with a flouncy skirt, vest it, belt it, layer it…

It was only recently that the high street (think Gap, Target, Old Navy, etc.) started improving the quality of their t-shirts. Which means you can stretch the life of that standard white tee to more than just a few seasons.

The freshest version of the t-shirt out now has a lived-in feel and some good slouch. James Person and LnA are known for this look; that sort of rockstar-boho-celeb thing. But a James Perse or LnA tee will set you back between $50 and $100, which is a little steep for a basic. For that kind of money, I want a of stilettos or a sizable Sephora beauty haul.

Gap has been stepping up its game (all over the board, not just in the t-shirt department), and has some great options for those of us that want to build a closet full of chic basics and still have a little cash leftover.

White TankLnA Sling Back Tunic ($93); Gap Oversized Double Layer Tank ($25)

Black T-ShirtJames Perse Relaxed Casual Shirt ($50); Gap Cuffed Tee ($20)

White T-Shirt

LnA Deep Scoop Short Sleeve Tee ($60); Gap Favorite Short Sleeved Scoopneck Tee ($15)


  1. I actually like all the Gap versions better than the designer versions- and you can’t beat the price! Plus when Gap has a sale, you can always find really good deals.

    Awesome post- I love the “this and thats”!

  2. Not only are the Gap tees priced more affordably, but they look more substantial than the designer tees. The material on the designer tees look thin, see thru. Yeah!!! More bang for your buck. I love tees….live in them year round.

  3. Olivia- My t-shirt-tendencies vary. Mostly, I toss one on with denim shorts, jeans, etc. To work, I’ll pair them with skinny cigarette pants and pencil skirts. A tee also works layered under the right strapless/spaghetti-strapped dress (I employ this method when I want to wear a dress to work and stay in the dreaded dress code). Longer tees (almost tunics) work with leggings or as swimsuit cover-ups.

    Thanks for the comments, guys! 🙂

  4. Wow, I haven’t looked to the Gap for t-shirts in years because the quality used to be so rubbish. The fabric felt awful and they’d stretch out and (if black) fade to a sad shadow of their former selves.

    Love that their new styles are more fashion forward, made of softer fabrics and are cheap.

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