Put A Lid On It.

I’m adamant about becoming a hat girl. See here and here and here. But finding that perfect summer hat can be a challenge.

You need something cute and flattering (of highest importance). You also need something that will do its job– to keep you cool and keep the sun off your face.

A few tips for sun hats:

  • The wider the brim, the more coverage. A hat with an 8-inch brim is not only going to shade your face, but your shoulders and chest, as well. It’s also going to get more cumbersome– this is not the Kentucky Derby, ladies. Keep it at or under 7 inches, and you’ll still get some good shade out of the hat without having to secure a permit for it.
  • When choosing a wide brim sun hat, keep structure in mind. A little flop is good, but too floppy is going to look tired and end up sagging against your face. I look for hats made with a little wire to support the weight of the brim.
  • Stick to lighter colors. A black sunhat make look really glamorous, but your head is going to be a sweaty, sticky mess as the day wears on. If the basic white and tan hat is too boring, look for one with a colored ribbon to punch things up.
  • Summer-weight fabrics are key. Anything too heavy is going to bake your skull. Wool, felt and tweed = bad. Linen and straw are your friends. Also, look for a hat that’s breathable, or has small holes in it (like #6 below), which encourages air circulation.

A few ideas:

Summer Hats

1. Nordstrom Grosgrain Border Straw Fedora ($28)
2. Luxurydivas.com Light Green Straw Beach Hat ($29.99)
3. Aspinal of London Sun Hat ($120)
4. Yesstyle.com Striped Woven Fedora- Orange ($50)
5. Jigsaw Hat ($50)
6. Yesstyle.com Striped Fedora- Beige ($45)
7. Yesstyle.com Woven Fedora- Turquoise ($28)
8. BDG Shirting Stripe Fedora ($28)
9. Brette Sandler Swimwear Raffa Sunhat ($110)


  1. I want to be a hat girl too- no one wears hats in KS! Why?
    I have a fedora that sits on my dresser… I need to start wearing it more often!

    My fav hat is the blue and white striped sun hat! Really cute!

  2. Ohhh I just love hats! The only problem is I look like a dork in all of them. I’m so jealous of you girls who look fab in all your different style hats. If I could wear them I definitely would have to have #’s 2 and 4. Have always loved that shade of green and 4 just screams summer to me.

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