Surfer Girl Hair.

My hair stylist said to me this Saturday at my standing 8-week appointment, “You have more hair than sense.”

It’s true– I have a lot of hair. It’s long (a labor of growing some 9+ years in the making; I’m so serious), wavy, and can run a little on the coarse side if I’m not diligent with deep-conditioning.

One of my favorite styles is classic summer surfer girl hair: beachy waves.

Think Gisele Bundchen and Kate Hudson. Easy. Unstructured. A little mussed. Textured. Unperfect.

For most of us, looking like we just stepped out of the ocean and into the beach breeze takes some work. You need product and a little know-how.

A few tips:

  • Wash and condition hair with something that encourages volume/curl/texture.
  • Prep your hair with a product like Sally Hershberger’s Supreme Head Style Primer, which sets a foundation for tousled waves.
  • If your hair has a tendency to get a little frizzy, rub in a little anti-frizz cream.
  • Finish off with a salt-based wave spray (I use Bumble & Bumble’s Surf Spray, Garnier’s Wonder Waves spray gel and Frederic Fekkai’s Marine Summer Hair Beach Waves intermittently).
  • After you get the product in, give your hair a few scrunches. And then LEAVE. IT. ALONE. Your hair + the product will do it’s thing, no touching/blow drying/fussing required.
  • If you have naturally super straight hair, use a curling iron after your hair is dry. Just wrap random chunks around the outside of the barrel (i.e., no clamp!), hold for a few seconds, then release. Finish with a little hair spray to hold the curl.

Surfer Girl Hair

Do you have any go-to products for perfect beach hair?


  1. I really like your hair when it is beach wavy! I have been working on trying to get mine to work. I will have to try your suggested products and see how it goes!

  2. I love B&B Surf Spray! I haven’t heard of Sally Hershberger, I guess I need to try it out. And great advice about not touching your hair- that’s usually where I go wrong, lol!

  3. Definitely need to try this look- Kate’s hair is so pretty in that pic! And really- you don’t touch the hair after you put stuff in it? Sounds easy enough!

  4. Yes! I am so happy to see this post. Luckily, I have really thick and wavy hair(thanks, Dad!), that being said, the beachy wave look is pretty much my day-to-day. A couple weeks ago I was feeling a little spontaneous and decided to cut some bangs. I thought they would be a total damper on my carefree hair routine, but they’re actually pretty manageable.

    Product wise, I’m an Aveda whore. I use a mixture of the Be Curly curl enhancer and Phomollient styling foam. I also really like Aveda’s Air Control hairspray. My hair does tend to get a little on the frizzy side so I will have to check into some products for that.

    Any tips on carrying this style through the Fall when humidity isn’t on our team anymore?

  5. Thanks for the comments, guys!

    Jen- no, I try to leave my hair alone I after apply the product and give it a few start-off scrunches. I find the end result looks infinitely better if I stick to a Hands Off policy, ha.

    Rachel- I hate when the discontinue a product I love! But try the B&B, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. 😉

    Carrie- I pretty much use the same products all year long… I just notice a dip in volume when I go beachy in the winter months. Maybe a little root booster (while hair is damp) to plump things up?

  6. As usual, another great post! Great suggestions, I have always loved the beachy look, just don’t have the patience to let mine grow that long…..☺

  7. Hey, I really loved your blog! 🙂
    I love everything related to fashion, hairstyle, makeup… I´m a girl
    I´ve created a blog recently (like today!), so I´m still learning how this works. But I will see your blog more often, it´s great 😀

  8. i am only a teen, and it is hard to have nice hair for school. i used to straighten it, but now i am getting used to the curls (since i have natural wave and curl). and one day i looked up how to get surfer girl hair and i will try these tips. hopefully it works, and gets rid of my frizz. thanks!

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