Red Carpet Rundown: 2011 MTV Movie Awards.

The MTV Movie Awards aired Sunday, June 5th. An MTV carpet is always pretty wild, with a pretty wide range of what is considered acceptable. Think fun, sassy and a little more casual than your standard awards show. This is not the place to debut your gorgeous mermaid Carolina Herrera, especially when there’s a chance you’ll be seated next to people like the Jackass boys.

The Good:

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Emma Stone in Bottega Veneta. Emma strikes the perfect note here— she’s dressed up, yet not overdressed. The hem is short (with fringe!) to keep it fun, but the top of the dress is fairly demure, which balances out the leg action. Great choice for her; love the way the golden yellow pops out behind the black lace. And so happy to see her back in action as a redhead! Lovely.

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Blake Lively in Michael Kors. Blake’s on the best dressed list for two reasons: 1) This MK sheath is gorgeous. Simple, but so well-cut and in a beautiful color. 2) For going more conservative after those embarrassing nude snaps leaked last week. Normally we see Lively in outfits that fall in the legs-out-boobs-out category, but she wisely opted for a little more fabric for her first post-scandal red carpet. Now if she would just make the choice to not take (or at least delete!) the pics in the first place…

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Hailee Steinfeld in Louis Vuitton. Someone looks all grown up, yes? I love a good pantsuit, but this LV version doesn’t take itself too seriously. It stays youthful with a touch of slouch and sequin detail on the lapel and down the tuxedo stripe. A simple white t-shirt underneath was the perfect choice; a Lohan would’ve been all cleavage and double-sided nipple tape. Love her loose waves and red lip.

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Mila Kunis in Balmain. Perfect! Short, embellished skirt with loose black top, plus a pair of baby pink pumps. So chic, yet she looks like she can eat/drink/laugh/sit down without busting a seam or exposing a no-no zone. The super sleek hair looks amazing, and the makeup is an understated smokey eye with a pinkish nude lip.

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Kristen Stewart in Balmain. Balmain killed it last night, right? This was my favorite dress of the evening. So sassy, perfect color, super short, and yes— those are safety pins. I’m down with being tongue-in-cheek for MTV. That works. Simple black pointed-toe pumps (although I think she switched ’em out for flats post-carpet); her legs look amazing. I love her tousled hair (looks really full; extensions or just because she’s got it all on one side of her head?), and her face— that’s a gorgeous face. Nicely done, KStew.

The Meh:

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Nikki Reed in Heather. I’m cool with everything except that awful sheer skirt. It looks like a sarong; are you going to the beach after this? Cut that sheer business off, and the dress turns into a simple, sexy LBD. Maybe swap out the basic black peep-toe pumps for something in a bright color (or neon), and she’s game. Almost, Nikki, almost.

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Reese Witherspoon in Zac Posen. Great: cut, length, nude pumps. Amazing beachy waves. I’m just not really feeling the boring black animal print, are you? Everything else works. Punch it up a little, Reese. However, big props for calling out the Blakes, Kims and Vanessas of the world in your acceptance speech.

The Bad:

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Nina Debrov in Georges Chakra Couture. Nina is gorgeous. Cute body; long and lean. She could wear anything and look beautiful. Except this bonafide Christmas tinsel. She looks like a present on Christmas morning. What the hell?

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Aly Michalka in Ramy Brook. There is a lot of bad happening here. Let’s start from the top and work our way down, shall we? That hair is busted. It’s a Dolly Pardon-Dallas hybrid. The color of the dress does nothing for Aly’s complexion, which is normally beautiful. It washes her out. The cut of the dress is major hack job— does it look two sizes too big to anyone else? It’s all ill-fitting through the waist, and the neckline is amateur. What is that fluttering business at the armpit? I don’t get it. Really, really bad.

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Amanda Bynes in Herve Leger. I feel like every time I see Amanda, she’s in something super short and tight. And nine times of out ten, it’s Herve Leger. It’s like her one fashion move or something. Girl, we get you’re into body-con, but can you do something else? Also, those shoes. What the hell are those shoes? I don’t care that they’re Loubs. The top cuts her leg line off, and the fringe up front is too much; take of one or two tiers and I’ll consider reevaluating.

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Jessica Szohr in Alice + Olivia. Um, this takes the cake. Why? She looks like a set of 70s drapes. And does she have feet? Take that jumpsuit and cut it off at the top, replace those terrible pants with a black (or purple, or green) mini, and then I’d probably love it. Also not feeling her hair; a little lazy.


Those are my takes; what do you think?


  1. I thought Hailee Steinfeld looked really elegant, but fun at the same time. Perfect for the night!

    Hated Aly Michalka’s outfit- it was terrible!

  2. I love these rundowns! Fashion porn, lol.

    KStew was my favorite look! And my worst dressed was definitely Amanda Bynes. She looked really cheap. (That’s a nice way of putting it!)

  3. These rundowns are probably my FAVORITE “bit” you do on your site 🙂 and Mila Kunis is climbing my “list” 😉

  4. Definite favorite was KStew! That dress is perfect for the occasion and she looked absolutely gorgeous!

    Blake Lively was gorgeous. Loved the small cutouts- just enough edge without going overboard. Also loved the purple heels with the blue dress.

    Really liked Reese Witherspoon’s dress- agree that the color wasn’t maybe as fun as it could be but I still think she looked amazing and I like it!

    Mila looked amazing as always! And totally looked comfortable and ready to party. And love her straight sleek hair. Love her.

    Have to disagree on Nina. I thought the dress was fun and she is beautiful. Overall I liked it.

    Didn’t like Aly- the hair color is horrible. And Amanda’s shoes were hideous! Don’t have words for Jessica…

  5. Almost is the story of Nikki Reed’s life.

    And why is it the skinnier Amanda Bynes gets, the rounder her face gets? I do not like it, and I love me some AB. Sad.

  6. Absolute favorite is KStew! Loved the dress and her hair and makeup were perfect! Love Blake- the color of the dress is gorgeous and the cutouts are just enough skin! I actually really liked Reese Witherspoon! I agree she could have gone with more color but I still really liked the outfit and she was beautiful as usual. I also really liked Nina. I think the dress was really fun and out there and that is what the MTV awards are about! Hate the color of Aly’s hair- totally washes her out and looks cheap. Amanda’s shoes were hideous- no no no! And I have no word for Jessica- absolute worst!!!!!!!

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