Neon Rainbow.

The 80s are experiencing a bit of a comeback (we didn’t invent leggings or blazers with strong shoulders, dolls) and this has birthed the resurgence of neon.

Relax. I swear you don’t have to buy a scrunchie or a glow stick.

The way to do neon now:

Neon Lights

1. Wet Seal Leatherette flip flop ($13)
2. Essie polish in Flirty Fuchsia ($8)
3. Converse Ox Canvas ($55)
4. Marc by Marc Jacobs bow studs ($48)
5. Gap patent belt ($30)
6. The Cambridge Satchel Company neon orange satchel ($160)
7. Sperry Topsider by Jeffrey wedge ($225)
8. Hottopic belt ($13)
9. MAC lipstick in Show Orchid ($14.50)
10. Victoria’s Secret neon lace cover-up ($38)
11. Delia’s neon chevron tank ($20)

The main objective is to not wear these pieces all at once. You’ll rupture someone’s cornea.

Summer is coming, so I’m sure you can see how easily a hot pink flip flop (1), brightly colored polish (2), bathing suit cover-up (10) or tank (11) will check your neon box.

I encourage you to try a fuchsia lip; it’s one of the quickest and least expensive ways to do neon. By far the best and brightest shade I’ve seen is Show Orchid from MAC (9). I get it if you’re color-shy when it comes to lips. I’m there with you, actually. But wade in— try applying a bit of the color, blotting, then swiping on some clear lip balm. This keeps the color sheer, but still achieves the effect.

If hot pink is the gateway drug to Neon Land, neon orange is her slightly-more-provocative cousin from university. A patent belt (5) or crossbody bag (6) will punch up any old sundress or denim shorts/tee combo. If you’re feeling a bit bolder, neon blue is your bag. Grab pair of Converse (3) or a belt (10) and you’re set. A pair of neon yellow studs in a sweet bow shape (4) hints at the trend without going overboard.

I’ve decided to make my stake in neon with a pair of shoes. I know you’re looking at this post like I’m crazy for including highlighter-green wedges in the collage (7). But seriously— picture them with white shorts and a floaty tank top. Hello, so much fun. I’m waiting for these little gems to go on sale and then I’m snapping them up. (Plus Sperry can really do no wrong in my book.)

The best part about neon? It brings out your tan. Why make your self-tanner work harder than it has to?


  1. I’ve been on this neon pink kick for a few weeks now- and it really does bring out my tan! Great advice!

  2. I have that tank! (Not going to lie, I feel pretty cool knowing I have something featured on your site!)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks ladies!

    Jessica: Which shoes? The flip flops are Wet Seal, the blue sneakers are Converse (try or, and the green wedges are Sperry Topsider. 🙂

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