Girl Crushing on Kate Middleton.

Now that we’ve all stopped hyperventilating over the royal wedding, can we discuss Kate Middleton (other known aliases: Princess Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge)? Because I have serious girl crush on her.

When it comes to classic style, Kate Middleton can throw down. She’s got this uber-polished, yet effortless thing going on, doesn’t she? It’s very tight, very controlled (homegirl is not going boho on us), but it’s still all “Oh this? I just threw this on.”

Want to dress like the Princess? Check out how she rolls:

KM 2

Kate does lots of classic blazers, cardigans and jackets. Trench coats are a staple. Everything has really clean lines, and very tailored to her body. She doesn’t do over-sized; everything is pulled in, but not overstuffed.

Dresses have a bit of swing, but are typically very fitted through the bodice and usually demure in length. She doesn’t do super-short or even remotely mini. Very Royal of her.

Her penchant is to choose a simple, elegant shoe. A low wedge here, a black pump there. Nothing clunky or overly strappy. Almost business-like.

Kate is never over-accessorized; I doubt we’ll ever see her with an armful of bangles. Her choices are dainty and lady-like. When it comes to the hat department, she splurges a little. She doesn’t shy away from a bold hat or fascinator; but that’s standard Brit dress code. (On another note: why can’t we be hat people, Americans?! C’mon; I want to break out my panama hat.)

I love Kate’s style. She always looks elegant and timeless, but it still feels fresh. What do you think? Would you shop her closet?


  1. Who ISN’T girl crushing on her? She’s completely gorgeous! And she dresses with a certain decorum which I think is hard to find these days. Although, have you seen her sister’s style?

    1. A- Pippa is all over the place these days. I see touches of Kate, but Pippa seems a little more high street, yes?

      Kate- me too!

  2. Kate’s so gorgeous. That dress she wore to meet the Obamas was amazing- but it’s something I probably would’ve passed right by in the store. On Kate, it becomes amazing!

  3. Is it weird that I think her style is a little boring? I mean, she always looks great, but it she was a 40 year old housewife, would we think she was such a style icon?

  4. I can see where you’re coming from, Jen, and I agree that much of the “style icon” talk can be attributed to the fact that Kate’s been affiliated with the Royal fam for years. But to me, her style and her fashion choices are classic, timeless- and I would likely feel this way whether worn by 29-year-old Kate or 45-year-old Jane Housewife.

  5. I love how she does her make up, I wish I could make my outfits look like hers! Where can I get the black crop jacket at? Where is a great place to find a wedge for summer?

  6. Absolutely obsessed with Kate Middleton! She is so gorgeous and I haven’t seen her in an outfit I really don’t like. I also love that she seems so down to earth and unaffected by all her fame. I feel like Pippa is enjoying the spotlight and fame just a bit too much and I am so happy to see that Kate isn’t doing that (at least not publically). Not only would I shop in her closet, I would live in it! She is timeless and gorgeous!

  7. Great post- you should feature your girl crushes more often! I bet we all share the same, hah!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. I absolutely love her clean, classic style. I agree with you, completely timeless. I saw a lot of Kate Middleton inspired looks while I was visiting New England earlier this spring.

    Seems like she’s on the road to being a Jackie O-esque style icon…

  9. I like Kate Beckinsale. Kate Middleton is just aight for me dawg.

    FASHion, please take me shopping again soon. Oak Park Mall….Round 2….Fight!


    PS: blazers, shoes, watches, turtlenecks, and wait for it,,, awesome hats!!

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