July Face

Mid-July means many things:

  • Bright, hot sunshine
  • Less clothing, more sunscreen
  • The requisite use of a sun-visor to keep your car from heating up to 12,000 °F while you’re at work/the gym/Target
  • Evenings that stretch out well past 8 pm
  • Increase in margarita/daquiri/summer brew/sangria consumption

Not only do I lighten up in the clothing department, but I pare back my makeup regimen as well. The thicker and heavier the makeup, the faster and more noticeably the heat and humidity will melt it off your face.

Some quick tips:

  • Stash anything full-coverage away until the fall (full-coverage usually indicates heavier application). If you must use foundation, look for something that says “sheer” on the label. Or pick up a tinted moisturizer— you can find them almost anywhere (for a great price) that provide some solid coverage without being too heavy.
  • Now is the time for shimmer! You can highlight almost any feature– cheeks, eyelids, shoulders, lips, brow bones, etc.
  • That being said, don’t spackle everything at once, or you’ll end up looking like a (really bad) Vegas showgirl. And shimmer is different than glitter… In general, I avoid stuff with big flakes of glitter.
  • Apply everything with a light hand. You may use 5-10 different products, but you don’t have to spread them on with spatulas. It’s summer– let your actual face shine through!

A few items I rotate into the arsenal:

Summer Makeup

1. Benefit Dr. Feelgood ($28)
2. Cargo Big Bronzer ($32)
3. The Body Shop Coconut Lip Butter ($10)
4. Clarins Fix Make Up Refreshing Mist ($25.50)
5. Stila Eye Shadow Trio in Gold Glow ($28)
6. Nars Blush in Orgasm ($26)
7. Bare Minerals Tinted Mineral Veil ($19)
8. Clinique High Impact Mascara ($14)
9. MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder ($14.50)

Dr. Feelgood (1) is an excellent primer, especially in the summer months because it slices through shine as well as minimizing minor flaws. For a little more coverage, I’ll brush on some Tinted Mineral Veil (7). (Note: this can also be used in the final step to set your makeup.) This huge bronzer compact by Cargo (2) is great for your face and/or body (bronzer tip: apply lightly to the areas where the sun would naturally tan the deepest– the hairline, the cheekbones, the nose, the chin, the collarbones and the shoulders).

Nothing beats the bright pinky-coral color of Nars’ Orgasm (6). I have yet to find a complexion it doesn’t flatter. A little on the apples of the cheeks is perfect. Nothing says summer to me quite like the smell of coconut, so this lip butter (3) is always on-hand June through August.

For eyes, I grab this Stila eye shadow trio (5) and apply the darker shades on my lids and the lightest shade in the inner corners (which brightens everything up). A little kohl liner (9) for definition, with a bit of smudging into my lashlines for a slightly smoky effect. A quick pass with some glossy black mascara (8) tops off the look.

To set my makeup against the summer heat, I spritz my face lightly with this mist from Clarins (4), which hydrates as well as protects.

What products are in your summer makeup bag?


  1. I love wearing bronzy-colored makeup in the summer! Very beachy.

    I need to try that refreshing mist! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Awesome post! I love summer and bright, fun makeup. I like to take one bright color (usually an eyeshadow) and mix it in- like turquoise or green!

    And I’m with you- I don’t like my makeup to feel too heavy, so I usually skip the foundation!

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