Wedding Season What-to-Wear: Black Tie Wedding

Time to wrap up the What-to-Wear Wedding series with the most formal wedding attire request– the black tie wedding.

Black tie is really the only wedding where you shouldn’t wear a short(er) dress. What’s appropriate at a cocktail wedding isn’t so appropriate here. Black tie weddings are most likely evening events, so evening gowns are typically perfect. Think elegant, glamorous.

A few options:

Black Tie Wedding

1. JS Boutique ($158)
2. Aidon Mattox ($195)
3. JS Boutique ($106)
4. Maggy London ($168)

The back of the navy JS Boutique (1) dress is stunning; very modern Grecian. A dress that highlights the back is an elegant way to show off some skin (but no coin slots, please). Aidon Mattox’s silk chiffon dress (2) is really easy and fun– the print does most of the work for you, and the cut is very flattering.

The neckline on the black JS Boutique (3) is beautiful; I love how it gives the look of a statement necklace (i.e., no extra jewelry required).  Am digging the bodice detail on the Maggy London (4), and the bright fuchsia color is perfect.

What do you guys think? How many invites have you gotten to wedding requesting black tie attire?


  1. Okay. I have a homework assignment for you. I am, as you know, a little “fuller” up top, even pre-pregnancy.

    After I pop this bugger out this month, I’m still gonna be draggin knockers. And of course, fall is the new spring for weddings and fashionable events.

    I need clothing- dresses or seperates that can be worn to cocktail type events or dinner parties. I’ll be all postpartum a mess physically wise, but I’m guessing I’ll be size 12-14ish, but packing some serious 38 Fs (yes, as in, what the F?). Strapless bras just arent doing the trick at this point.

    Trendy, chic and classic are great. I love black, but wouldnt mind color to brighten life up a bit, mmkay?

    Where do I start?

  2. My initial thoughts on what could work:

    Fairly close to the event, go get fitted for a badass bra. I’m talking professionally. You can get this done at any major department store. Tell the person measuring you what you want the bra to do (lift, support, separate, no back-bulges, smooth stuff out, etc.). Choose a bra that works with the outfit you’re going to wear to the event (obviously), but something you can wear again, too. Also- choose something NOT strapless (let’s hoist those F’s up).

    A halter neckline, but make sure the straps aren’t too thick (or you will look like you don’t have a neck/your boobs are trying to eat your face). You can get something that plunges a little, but avoid anything that falls under the category of “massive cleav.” If you feel too exposed/it’s chilly (i.e., fall), slip on a cardigan. Something floaty. Not too tight; think breezy.

    If you want to camo what may or may not be happening in the lower regions (stomach, thighs, bum, etc.), go with something empire-waisted and body-skimming (not hugging) on bottom.

    If you’re feeling like, “I look incredible, let’s do this,” grab a body-con tank dress in a dark, solid color and add a drape-y/longish vest or cardigan. See Nicole Richie in this post: It shows off curves without putting everything out there.

    Since you’re talking fall, you could do a short dress with long sleeves (see Kourtney Kardashian via the above link). The dress could be patterned or not (a personal preference). If you go with a pattern, avoid anything with a large, busy print. You could also add opaque tights/leggings if you’re feeling self-conscious about your legs (or it’s 35 degrees outside). If you do leggings, consider a knee-high boot. Adds an edge.

    Don’t feel obligated to go all black if you don’t want to- you could totally be a in bright pop of color (but avoid pastels- out of season for the time you’re referencing). Something jewel tone- bright blue, green, red, purple, etc. Vibrant. You can always tone done a main-event dress in a bright color by adding neutral/black accessories.

    Hope this helps. 🙂

  3. Number 2 is so pretty- and perfect for the spring/summer!
    You could wear it again, too. I’m picturing it as the perfect vacation dress.

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