Fueling the Shopping Fire.

My shopping addiction is pretty well-documented. So when I heard about Shop It To Me last year, it was a no-brainer. It’s essentially advanced online shopping.

Shop It To Me goes on a free-of-charge internet fashion hunt with your apparel sizes and favorite brands in mind, searching for your next perfect LBD or great pair of boots.

What gets delivered to your inbox is a nice, tidy email that contains a personalized sale rack from retailers all over the web. All on sale, sometimes with coupon codes. From Nordie’s to Gap, Steve Madden to Saks. Genius!

It saves the time you would spend scrolling sale after sale, clicking through endless pages, squinting to see if that cute pair of nude wedges comes in your size (and also saves the disappointment if by some cruel stroke of fate that wedge doesn’t come in your size).

One of my favorite things about Shop It To Me is they often suggest online retailers I’m not familiar with– scoring me a sweet deal on something I would have otherwise missed.

Are you ready to up your shopping game? I thought so. Go sign up.


  1. Great job! Also very handy for those of us who hate to shop and don’t want to spend the time searching for deals….how are we related??? ☺

  2. Congrats girl- you’re officially a TRENDSETTER! But we always knew this. 🙂 Going to sign up at Shop It right now!

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