Fancy a Shag?

My hair is (finally) long. I have been in the growing out process for ages. Now I’m here, my hair isn’t “shoulder-length,” or “medium,” but legit long. Long, thick and and pretty heavy. I aspire for a bit of wisp, for light layers that bounce. This doesn’t typically happen, especially when I flatiron my hair. I’m left with smooth hair, but ends that sort of hang. Lifeless, boring— not exactly the type of Hair Commercial Look I was shooting for.

I decided I needed  a bit of definition; something to piece out the ends without further weighing down my hair. Enter Sally Hershberger’s Shagg Rocks Liquid Gel ($13, try,, or your local Ulta).

You apply to the ends of your hair post-blowout.  The product is a clear, slightly watery (at first) gel and is really easy to work with. (Give your hands a quick rinse after; once the product dries it’s a touch sticky.) The finished result is hair with a little movement (especially if you give the ends a quick flip with the flatiron) without added weight or product build-up.

Does this sound like a product you need in your arsenal? Give it a shot and let me know how it works for you!


  1. This definitely sounds like something I need to try out. My hair is getting pretty long, shoulder blade length right now. I could use the weightless definition for sure. Would this product work when air drying? That’s where I run into a lot of problems with product weighing me down.

    Thanks for the post, lady! 🙂

  2. Carrie- I haven’t tried it on air-dried hair, only on post-blowout hair. I would definitely try it, though; I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t work!

    Xizi- Yes ma’am, it’s billed for all hair types.

  3. I have been looking for a product like this! I have fine hair, so I’m always worried that anything I put on it will weigh it down and make it greasy. This stuff sounds like it might work!

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