Fall 2011: To the Max

Is your head spinning from the title of this post? Fall 2011. Is summer seriously almost over? Can’t believe it; time flies.

I’m such a die-hard summer girl, there are times in June when I can’t remember what it feels like to be wrapped in slouchy sweaters and over-the-knee boots. That being said, there’s something exciting about a new season— the clothes change just like the leaves.

I’ll be reviewing several of the key trends for this fall, including:

  • Maxi skirts
  • Tie-neck blouses
  • Leather shorts and skirts
  • Capes
  • Skinny pants and red denim
  • Riding jackets

Maxi skirts straightaway. The new maxis are bolder than the slim-cut choices that were available late last year and this spring. I’m excited to hit the shops in search for a few new maxis– I need to amp up the color and the volume. Consider the following:
To the Max.1. J.Crew Schoolboy blazer ($188)
2. Maria Black Sid gold studs ($82)
3. Splendid Slub Loose Knit cardigan ($140)
4. J.Crew Commodore coat ($130)
5. Tibi Long-Pleated Skirt ($208)
6. Linea Pelle Wide Leather Waist belt ($215)
7. Gap City flat ($40)
8. Don’t Ask Amanda Plain Maxi skirt ($60)
9. Mango t-shirt ($24)
10. Topshop Marl Maxi skirt ($80)
11. Michael Kors Square Gold Chronograph watch ($360)

Straight up, I’m pretty obsessed with this look. There’s something really easy, sort of boho, and inherently cool (without being all hipster-I-don’t-shower-and-stuff) about it. Three ways to wear it:

1. Take a basic black maxi (10) and add a brightly colored blazer (1), gold jewelry (2, 11). I’d roll up the blazer’s sleeves (fire engine red, so gorgeous), pair it with a black turtleneck and throw my hair in a top knot. Instant sophistication.

2. A plum maxi is the perfect fall wardrobe skirt (8). It’s dark without being black, but still neutral enough to work with a range of pieces. Ballerina-chic came to mind when I saw this: wear it with ballet flats (7), a black tee that resembles a classic leotard (9) and a slouchy slub cardigan (3). Keep the chill at bay by looping a long scarf around the neck, or toss on cropped black leather jacket.

3. Consider making a bold statement with coloa rust maxi skirt (5). I love the soft pleats in this version from Tibi, and how autumn-appropriate is the color? I’d wear it with a simple white or cream tee under a military-inspired utility jacket (4), cinched in with a wide leather belt. Tough up top, but the soft silky skirt adds a bold feminine element.

What do you think? Are you maxing out this fall?


  1. Wow, I can’t believe we’re already talking about fall stuff! But I have to admit that I’m sorta excited to put away the summer clothing and break out the sweaters.

    This is a really interesting trend that I definitely want to try. I think the first look (the blazer and black maxi) is more my style- sorta preppy. 😀

  2. I love the quote on your header- it’s so true. I don’t think the olive blazer (4. J.Crew Commodore coat) would look good with maxi dresses however- a bit too structured for a relaxed maxi dress.

  3. I totally disagree with Xizi (but respectfully). I think the structured jacket is really interesting and unexpected with the relaxed maxi skirt. Fashion-forward! 🙂

  4. My favorite look is the great utility jacket with that awesome rust maxi. It’s both on trend with the maxi look (of course) and the military trend- which I love! I love the tough on top jacket with the really girl skirt!

  5. Lovely post! I want to see some real-life pics of you when you get your new maxi skirts. That always helps me decide just how to wear the look. 🙂

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