Fall 2011: All Tied Up.

We’re dipping into fall looks here at LSR… Next up is the tie-neck blouse. (Check out my takes on the maxi skirt, for all my fellow bohos and ballerinas.)

The tie-neck blouse (also called the bow blouse, or the pussybow blouse) is getting some major play in the fall catalogs. It’s a very lady-like trend, don’t you think? The trick is to keep it from venturing into the territory of Grandmother’s Closet. (Unless you’re dressing for a Great Gatsby costume party.)

Tie Me Up

1. BCBG Max Azria Celline Tie-Neck top ($168)
2. ASOS Super Long Pussybow blouse ($55)
3. Remain Tie-Neck satin blouse ($88)
4. ASOS Pussybow blouse ($55)
5. Oasis Sleeveless blouse ($73)
6. Love Moschino Micro Dot blouse ($317)
7. Vince Camuto Tie-Neck Sleeveless blouse ($79)

Your main objective when it comes to tie-necks is to choose a soft, silky fabric (nothing too heavy or starchy, otherwise it might come off a little old-fashioned). However, watch the sheen of the fabric. Satin and sateen can be shiny, which often translates to looking a bit cheap. (Sateen also has a tendency to add lumps where there are no lumps, so pick your battles.) Stick with matte silks or brushed satins.

Sleeveless options (1, 5, 7) work both now and laterβ€” wear them now alone with a great pair of trousers or jeans; wear them in the fall layered with a cozy cardigan or blazer. A neutral-colored blouse is a great wardrobe workhorse (2, 3, 4, 7), but don’t be afraid of a bright pop of color (1, 5).

The bow can be long or short; ASOS makes an insanely easy-to-wear (and affordable) pussybow blouse (2, 4). I’ve featured two of the more simple versions, but trust they come in a wide range of colors. If you’re easing into this trend, I’d start off with a short bow. The longer bow is a little bolder. (Those of us with larger chests should be mindful of the bowβ€” it may add some heft up top, so definitely try it on first!)

While solid colors are classic, don’t neglect a tie-neck blouse in a print (6, 7). Disclaimer: avoid large prints. With the bow business, you don’t want to overload with a huge print. It’ll end up looking messy. You’re much better off with small, dainty prints (that complement the blouse’s ladylike shape).

What do you think? Are you tying one of these blouses on this fall?


  1. Nice choices, I really like the white ones, the bigger the bow the better! I totally agree with what you said about it being too shiny, especially if it’s white.

  2. I’m a little scared of this! You’re right, it totally could turn out “grandma”!
    Maybe I’ll check out Nordstrom’s this weekend and see how it looks on me.

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