Hen Party.

A good friend of mine is getting married later this month, and this Saturday is her bachelorette party. We’re starting off with dinner and drinks at a fun restaurant, then headed to a spot with cute bartenders and a dance floor.

In the best cases, bachelorette parties are fun and flirty. In the worst cases, they’re too try-hard and a little skeevy. No one likes waking up with a headache and a sinking feeling of bar-regret, am I right?

Keep this in mind when choosing an outfit: make it fun and avoid the skank. (Brides, this especially applies to you! Please don’t be that girl in the halter with a neckline that shows your navel; no matter how cute you might lookโ€” and that’s debatableโ€” you will regret it years/days later.)

Hen Party

My two building blocks for a bachelorette outfit: white shorts and wedges.

A pair of crisp cuffed white shorts are a perfect place to start (these are Alice & Olivia). Shorts work because you can dress them up like a skirt/dress, but in the event things get a little out of control, you don’t have to worry about flashing your bum (or worse) to the world. (Just make sure the shorts aren’t too short; you still want to look polished.)

A wedge heel will save your life on a night that will likely end up with lots of standing/walking/dancing. Gives you the height of a stiletto with additional stability (especially after a few cocktails) and minimal pain.

If the bachelorette party is dressed-to-the-9s/go-all-out, a variation of the outfit on the left is your winner: a bright, jewel-toned camisole paired with contrasting jewelry and equally color-saturated wedges. I chose a cobalt blue tank and then added a bright coral bib necklace, earrings and a cocktail ring. Periwinkle + electric teal in a wedge is pretty much my dream shoe. How fun are these? (They’re Zara, btw.) The result is fun, flirty and a little loudโ€” much like a successful bachelorette.

If you’re headed to a more low-key hen party (a bacheleorette brunch, for example), the outfit on the right will serve you well: a chambray shirt, simple gold necklace and classic brown accessories. I chose this short-sleeved chambray top (from J.Crew), wrapped an All-American brown leather belt around it and strapped on some amazing Marc Jacobs brown wedges. (I adore the heel; stripes and studs!) A dainty heart pendant necklace is the perfect finishing touch.

What are your favorite pieces for a bachelorette?


  1. I have these shorts (this makes me feel kind famous, LOL)! I love them, and this is a great way to wear them- to a bachelorette party! Definitely a good way to look cute but make sure you keep covered!

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