My Commodity Experience + A Commodity Giveaway.

Do you have a signature fragrance?

commodity fitting kit for women
The Commodity fitting kit for women.

The amazing team at Commodity reached out to see if I wanted to take their fitting kits for a spin. They have taken the convenient try-at-home trend and applied it to choosing a fragrance. I love this idea; who doesn’t appreciate a test drive? Commodity didn’t have to ask me twice– I’m a bit of a fragrance junkie. Don’t believe me? Check out this shot from my IG. I’m always on the hunt for my newest favorite.

How Commodity works: you order a fitting kit for a reasonable $9, which includes 10 scents. (Boys, you can play too; there’s a kit for men!)

You get a full 30 days to test drive the scents. This was my favorite part– being able to really give each fragrance a shot.

paper commodity fragranceRather than trying to smell all 10 scents in a single setting like I would at a fragrance counter (and searching for a bare patch on my arm to spray yet another test spritz), I could wear one scent each day, go back and re-try scents I wasn’t sure about, etc., to find the scent that worked best for me.

What comes next? You choose your favorite fragrance and place an order via the Commodity website– less the $9 you originally paid for the fitting kit. Essentially, you get $9 off the price of either a trio of 10 mL scents ($48) or a hefty 100 mL bottle ($108) if you make a purchase in the first 30 days. Brilliant, no?

paper fragrance from commodity goods
My very own bottle of Paper!

So what scent was my favorite? I’m typically very into fresh + green and/or fruity scents, so Moss, Ivy, and Mimosa were hits for me– but the real winner, and my number 1 choice? Paper. So, so gorgeous. Really unique; I don’t have anything like it.

Commodity describes Paper as the “best version of you,” which is quite cool. But it’s true– the scent is very subtle + a bit warm, and just smells good. A perfect anytime fragrance, especially during the day.

I’m excited to partner up with the cool kids at Commodity to offer you guys the full Commodity experience. The winner will get his/her very own fitting kit, a chance to try out all the scents in the kit, and then a trio of 10 mL fragrances. How about that?

Ready to find your new signature fragrance? Enter for a chance to win the Commodity experience!

A big thank you to Erin and Laura who run the Trend Spin link up– I’m one of their featured bloggers this week! (In my super cool wallpaper outfit from KCFW) Thanks, girls!

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*Commodity sent the fragrances for my review; thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Thank you all for the interest, good luck to everyone who entered! Ashley – thank you so much for the post and we are so glad you enjoyed the experience!

  2. What a neat idea! I typically am drawn towards fresh fragrances for daytime, but I love flowery scents like lilac and honeysuckle for night!

    1. Right? I expected it to be more crisp, but there’s something warm about Paper (at least on me). I LOVE it though; totally different from anything else in my fragrance collection.

  3. What a cool concept and for such a great deal too. I will keep this company and service in mind for when I am in the States next.

    Happy Hump Day. Ashley.

  4. I love the idea of an at-home trial kit for fragrance! I love their simple package, and pretty + minimalist-sounding scents! Fingers crossed 🙂

  5. I love this concept! At the store, I always get all my little sample papers messed up. Also, I don’t have the patience to truly intake and contemplate all the scent options. This seems like the perfect solution


  6. Wow, I’ve heard about this type of shopping style for eye glasses and other commodities, but never fragrances. Genius! I also love fruity light scents, so the one you chose sounds perfect. Love this idea! It sounds like so much fun and very personalized : )


  7. Very cool concept! I love the idea of test driving fragrances! Most scents trigger migraines with me, so I usually just do lighter body splashes, though there are a couple of perfumes over time that have actually worked for me. This would be perfect for someone like me! Thanks so much for sharing and linking up!

  8. Love this idea for test driving fragrance. I have spent more money than I will ever tell my hubby for perfumes that I get home and just don’t like!

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