Spring 2011: A Man’s World.

The final post in the Spring series covers menswear-inspired pieces. (Miss a post? Read up on the color blocking, 70s glam and moto tough trends.)

The idea here is a bit of androgyny. You don’t need to go full-stop Annie Hall; adding boyish touches here and there is how I roll this look out.

Man's World

1. Allen Edmonds Men’s Basic Wide Dress Belt ($79)
2. Madewell Saloon Trousers ($98)
3. Banana Republic Denim Shirt ($70)
4. Paola Ferri 1549 Oxford ($73)
5. Michael Kors Chronograph Watch ($225)
6. Miss Me Rae-4 Oxford ($20)
7. Banana Republic Stripe Shirt ($60)

Sienna knows.

Start with the basics— button-up shirts in chambray denim (3) or a classic stripe (7) and a pair of slouchy trousers (2). These are easy, versatile pieces you can mix and match with other elements of your wardrobe. The trousers not only pair well with a button-up, but work with a simple tee, a ruffled blouse or a blazer. Button-ups look great tucked into jeans or shorts, or belted with a flouncy skirt. Come summer, nothing looks coolers than a button-up thrown on over a swim suit.

Oxfords (also called brogues) are huge right now. Snag a classic brown pair (4), but don’t shy away from a loud color in a bold material (patent!) like this pair from Miss Me (6). They can totally throw a sweet outfit curve ball. Keep ’em guessing.

Menswear accessories are another option. I’ve been wearing chunky watches for years now, but am absolutely in love with the strap on this watch from Michael Kors (5). Classic, preppy, very boyfriend-y. How cute with a cuffed-sleeve button-up?

Raid your boyfriend’s closet for a brown leather belt (1), or get to browsing in the men’s section of your nearest department store. If the belt is a little big, cinch it up and tuck the leftover strap back through the waist of the belt to secure it. If it’s huge, try winding it twice around your waist. And branch out from belting just pants and shorts— belting a dress or a skirt is an excellent way to highlight the waist.

I find that I incorporate quite a few of these pieces into my wardrobe all year long (if not all), not just during the spring. Menswear is classic, timeless— which makes it very easy to love. Maybe it’s my tendency to adore all things preppy, but this is one of my favorite trends this season. Agree? Disagree?


  1. I love oxfords! Have been wearing them for months- I feel like they go w/ everything from pants to skirts. 🙂

    Great post!

  2. I don’t know if this look is for me- I like it on other people, but I’m a little curvy, and I feel like this look works better on straight body types. Any tips?

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