Rain Ready.

Thunderstorms, showers, inches of rain. All part of the spring package.

Don’t let a few puddles (or downpours) shake you out of your fashion game. I know rain wear doesn’t exactly top the shopping priority list (especially when cute spring dresses are waging an all-out assault on my bank account), but consider these fun rainy day options:

Rain Rain Go Away

First things first, note that your gear for those 95% chance-of-showers days need not be that serious. Just the opposite, in fact. The cheekier, the better. Nothing like a little bright color to cheer up a soggy day.

Start with a great pair of rain boots. Hunter and their wellies are the standard, but you can find rain boots just about anywhere for a reasonable price. Rock the boots over leggings, skinnies or even with denim shorts come warmer weather (think festival-dressing). They may not be appropriate for all day at the office (you should probably slip them off before your 9 am meeting), but they’re perfect for running errands after work or during the weekend.

A trench is a solid addition to any wardrobe, and while I’m a huge fan of the classic khaki, try to score a fun version in a vibrant color. Bright green, blue, red, purple, pink… Any of the above. Just make it loud.

Same goes for your umbrella. Basic black is boring. I’m a total anglophile, so I desperately want a Union Jack brelly (and could kick myself for not picking one up on the cheap when I was in London a few years back). Marc Jacobs makes a super cute shopper-brelly combo bag. All PVC, so no worries about water-proofing.

Finally, for those of us with any sort of texture/wave/curl to our hair, frizz-control goes into overdrive during the rainy months. Snag yourself some anti-frizz products to combat the fuzz (the Living Proof line is pretty stellar).

What are you go-tos for rainy days?


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