Show Me Your Stripes, Sailor.

I’m really unapologetic about my love for stripes.

Breton stripes, sailor stripes, thick stripes, thin stripes (this is quickly turning into a Dr. Suess book).

My closet is a bit overrun with stripes, and I should probably stop buying them. But I can’t. Just cannot. And not sure I want to. Tanks, turtlenecks, summer-weight dresses, skirts… It’s a beautiful sickness.

I’ll do a stripe in any color of the rainbow (equal-opportunity-striper, present and accounted for), but my favorite is the classic navy/blue combo. It’s clean and makes me feel a bit like I’m about to board a yacht (insert, “I’m on a BOAT!” reference here) and do a bit of nautical sunbathing.

A few examples I found from around the web:

Sailor Stripes

Cannot tell you how hard it was to compile my favorites… Scouring the internet for this post endangered my credit score something serious.


  1. I love the dress on the top left. So nautical chic without even trying! Also, love the style of the off the shoulder top but can’t seem to pull it off! And love the ankle strap heels in the middle too! I am not one who can pull of horizontal strips on the top… but that’s what shoes, jewelry and bags (you know I love bags!) are for!

    BTW that was probably one of my favorite Halloween costumes over the years!

  2. I need to have those little striped skimmers! They are so cute!

    Speaking of cute- you and your boyfriend are adorable! 🙂

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