Red Carpet Rundown: 2011 SAGs

I was super impressed with the fashion game the ladies were bringing at this year’s Screen Actor’s Guild Awards. How about you? Let’s compare Bests and Worsts:

The Best:

Image courtesy of US Magazine

Tina Fey in Oscar de la Renta. We have to discuss Tina Fey straightaway because she looked incredible on Sunday night, and she typically bombs the fashion test so bad you want to choke her out. The cut of the gown is perfect for her; it gives her some great curves. The lace is amazing— it’s intricate without being a red version of your granny’s favorite doily. Her hair is chic but not old, and her face looks flawless. Fist bump to Tina for pulling this out.

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Julia Stiles in Monique L’huillier. Yes, this homewrecker again. But she’s bringing it, yes? Something serious. This navy-to-white ombré gown is beautiful. Makes me think of space for some reason, but I’m all over it. Love the extensions— they aren’t Britney-busted or Lohan-cheap. Her eyes have a touch of smoke to them, but the rest of the face is fresh. Fabulous!

Image courtesy of US Magazine

Sofia Vergara in Roberto Cavalli. This body. This body is sick, right? So crazy. Love that she has serious curves (not like imagined bullshit curves some starlets try to convince us they have— I’m looking at you, Giselle). Cobalt blue, so you know I’m immediately drawn to it. The weaving at the waist is gorgeous and super flattering. So pretty!

Image courtesy of US Magazine

Dianna Agron in Chanel Haute Couture. Old Hollywood glamour (without the finger waves). In love with this!  If there’s anything better than Chanel, it’s vintage Chanel. The modified tea length gown is perfect; I think I’d have turned my nose up a bit if it truly hit mid-calf. Love the navy, the ribbon detail at the bust and the waist, and her simple platform pumps. Her hair is smooth and a little modern— so happy she didn’t pull out some January Jones sculpted nonsense. Loved her gentle smoky eye and pink lip.

Image courtesy of US Magazine

Claire Danes in Louis Vuitton. Such a cool dress. I love the floral print (huge for Spring 2011). It’s both girly and edgy at the same time. Sweet ruffle detail at the chest, but just enough to keep it from being too precious. Am digging the belt— it highlights Danes’ tiny waist. Another nod to cool by tucking the strap under and then letting it hang. Loved this look; a great departure from her usual chic minimalist choices.

Image courtesy of US Magazine

Lea Michele in Oscar de la Renta. Sooo much better than her cotton candy wannabe-Paltrow at the Globes. This is rich and super sexy. Only a small(er)-chested girl could pull off a neckline like that (Sofia Vergara’s girls would punch that neckline in the face). I love this on Lea. The whole thing is a little slinky 70s, but in a perfect way. Her tousled hair lends a casual vibe to the super glamorous gown, which is a great choice at the more-casual SAGs. A full updo would’ve been overkill.

Image courtesy of US Magazine

Hailee Steinfeld in Prada. Who is this girl!? Kidding, I’m well aware. But talk about a coming out party! Hailee looks phenomenal here, but also very age-appropriate. Homegirl is 14, and I adore that she’s doing 14 a solid rather than trying to be some Lolita-Cyrus-Sexpot hybrid. This Prada gown is so much fun; Hailee has the slim build to pull of bold horizontal stripes. The trumpet at the skirts adds a little flirt. Her bright pink nails are perfect, as are her long loose waves. Are you taking notes, Miley? This should have been in your playbook: how you get the attention of the public without flashing your lady business.

Image courtesy of US Magazine

Natalie Portman in Azzaro. Someone stepped her game up from the Globes, yes? Love this white sheath— the sparkle at the neckline draws your eye up, and the gown is hugging her super cute baby bump (something that lame pink-and-red Valentine’s business didn’t do last go-round). Her hair is a little austere; soft waves would have been amazing. But Natalie looks gorgeous here; who says pregnant ladies can’t wear white successfully?

Image courtesy of US Magazine

Mila Kunis is Alexander McQueen. My favorite dress of the night. Mila nailed it. The print was pretty without sacrificing that edge. It’s a little, “Wait, is she bleeding?” And that’s so McQueen. The pretty hits you first, and then you look a little longer and you see the cheeky, possibly-inappropriate side. The belt draws it in and shows off that post-ballerina figure. She was floating down the carpet! Her hair is amazing; exactly how it should be for the SAGs. Light, loose, fun. How sexy is she?!

The Meh:

Image courtesy of US Magazine

Jessica Lawrence in Oscar de la Renta. Oscar almost batted 100o on Sunday night, if it weren’t for this little misstep. I almost liked this; the bright pink in a draped gown (is it chiffon?) is fun. But what is that black belt? I loved most everything belted at this year’s SAGs, but the black and pink contrast had me flashing back (violently) to January Jones at the 2010 Met Ball. Fembot, right? Plus that hair is too stiff, too pulled back.

Image courtesy of US Magazine

Angie Harmon in Monique L’huillier. Someone’s wearing a couture pink milkshake. Or maybe a Swan Lake nod— Bjork? Is that you? I don’t mind a few feathers, and it’s certainly on trend with all the clamor over Black Swan. But this just felt a little much, a little try-hard… Take away the pink + shorten the skirt, and this is a really cute, sassy number. As-is, this gown is over the top and too formal for the SAGs.

The Worst:

Image courtesy of

Jenna Fischer in Fendi. Zzz’s… I’m bored. This dress doesn’t do much for her body, and the color doesn’t do much for her complexion. It washes her out. It’s amateur around the middle, and the sleeves are dumpy. Blah, bad.

Image courtesy of

Paz de la Huerta in ??? I have no idea who designs this dress, and after 5 minutes of googling I realize I don’t care because it’s so ass-ugly it doesn’t deserve my search engine time. Let’s talk about what is wrong with this picture: 1) is it made of cheap, glitter lamé from Michaels? 2) Those seams under the bust and at the knee are budget. Like 7th grade home-ec sewing class bad. 3) Are your lips black? Who told you this was flattering? 4) Please observe the leopard lining peeking out at the bottom of the skirt. I typically don’t have a problem with animal print, or an animal print lining. But when coupled with this nightmare, it ups the WTF? Factor.

Image courtesy of US Magazine

January Jones in Carolina Herrera. Note to January Jones’ agent/publicist/mother: Your daughter is seriously thin. And wayyyy thinner than when she first broke out on the scene, so don’t feed me the “that’s just her body” line. Because I’m over it. And she’s doesn’t look as thin here as she did on the red carpet show. Live and in motion, she looked sickly. Like she could snap. But let’s get back to the dress— this dress makes January look like a gold-plated candle stick holder. Maybe the French one from Beauty and Beast? And if she doesn’t stop with the retro hair, I’m going to scream. We get it; you’re in Mad Man and it’s a retro show, whatever. Do something different.

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Kate Mara in Herve Leger by Max Azria. The following should never be inspirations for a red carpet gown: accordions, those paper chains you make for the countdown to Christmas, stripper corsets or an 18-hour Playtex bra. All no-no’s. What was Kate thinking? Such a pretty girl; such a terrible dress. And is that pre-wrap in her hair?


So are we fighting over any dresses? Do you want to get married in Paz’s glitter frock? Or do you think Claire Danes looks like she’s wearing an old quilt? Let me have it in the comments. 🙂


  1. My best dressed: Mila! Totally agree with you. She looked awesome!
    My worst dressed: Kate Mara! Omg, TERRIBLE!

    Love these posts; I always look forward to your red carpet reviews!

  2. Just passing through- great site! Going to have to bookmark it.

    January Jones is kinda scary skinny! Lol at the Lumiere-candlestick thing.

    I thought Tina Fey was the best dressed of the night. She looked so pretty and def way better than normal! 😉

  3. Okay we’re fighting. 🙂 I actually liked January! (But I always like January.) Maybe you’re right about her being thin, but I still thought she looked great!

    Good call on Mila, Natalie and Julia- they all look gorgeous!

    Great post!

  4. Absolute favorite for the night– TINA FEY!! That red dress is gorgeous and fits her (amazing) body soooo well! I wish she would dress like this for every awards show!

    Sophia Vergara looks gorgeous in that cobalt blue (what a great color huh??). The weaving at the waist accentuates her already gorgeous body and makes her look total bombshell but so far from trashy!! She knows how to dress her body and continues to impress me at awards shows.

    Natalie Portman looked gorgeous in that white dress. The cut of the dress hugs her baby bump in exactly the right way and the dress is totally wedding– is she trying to tell us something?? Engaged- check; pregnant- check; time for a wedding?? She looks amazing and is totally channeling the white swan!

    Mila Kunis is just play gorgeous! I definitely don’t see that girl being single long! I can totally see the look of bleeding in that dress and (without giving anything away) totally channels Black Swan!! She is probably my #2 for the night!

    Not diggin: January Jones, Jessica Lawrence, Angie Harmon.

  5. I agree….I also hated Paz de la Huerta! There was nothing redeeming about it. She also looked like she had a stick up her butt. Maybe she could double for one of Old Navy’s mannequins.

    I loved Tina Fey! She looked amazing, kinda weird to be saying that about Tina Fey.

    Loved, loved, loved this post!

  6. Here are my picks:

    Best: Lea Michele. She look so glam!
    Just okay: Hailee Steinfeld. I see where you’re coming from, and I almost agree- but the dress was a little summery for me.
    Worst: Kate Mara. OMG! So gross!

    Excellent post!

  7. Great post, fashion goddess!

    I agree with all your best and worst, except for Natalie. To me, the hair made it a no-GO! It was so greasy and old looking! Your suggestion about long and loose hair was a good one- would’ve been a great improvement!

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