Pretty in Pink.

I’m not your standard girly-girl; I don’t pick pink first (or even second, third). I’m forever buying and wearing neutral colors, then adding bright pops of jewel tones like green, blue and red. I’m also a big stripes advocate, as previously documented.

However, lately I find myself drawn to the sugary side of the rainbow and have been paying a little more attention to pink. My various wish-lists (scattered all over the internet via a number of retailers) are more pink than ever. I’m attributing this to the dreary and crazy-cold winter we’re having here in the MW; it’s my inner-spring bursting to get out.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I thought it appropriate to showcase an all-pink wish-list.

Disclaimer: you should never wear all these items at once, lest you be confused with Paris Hilton (ew, not a good thing).

Pretty in Pink

The skirt (from Alloy, $28) is super girly, but could be steered in the chic direction by pulling it on with black tights and a fitted black turtleneck. Still winter-savvy with a pink twist.

This kimono jacket (from Winter Kate, $132) is floaty and floral-perfect for spring. Wear it over slim black cigarette pants and that same black turtleneck mentioned above, and you’re channeling your inner artiste.

I love a structured handbag, and Coach has been stepping up their game recently. This little gem (the Kristin Patent Pleated Satchel, $398) strikes that note between pink and nude, which means you can wear it as both. With your springy florals, it’s going to take on a pink hue, but with your neutrals, it’s going to look more beige. I love a bag that pulls double-duty.

If you’re giving a particular shade a test drive, your nails are a great place to start. Minimal commitment with high visibility. This shade from Essie (Van D’Go, $8) gives your tips a cotton candy punch.


  1. I love Essie’s polishes- they’re the best! This pink-peach is really pretty- definitely going to pick it up soon!

    Great post- I’m ready for spring, too!

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