Heat Wave.

My neck of the woods has been suffering through a heat wave for past few weeks. High humidity, high temperatures. I love summer something fierce, but this is testing the limits of my love.

When it’s this hot outside, I hardly feel like getting dressed at all, much less putting a lot of effort into the process. (It’s so hot here, you can break a sweat just thinking.)

Fortunately, summer clothing is typically lightweight and brightly-colored, so the task of pulling an outfit together isn’t all that stressful. My go-to:

Heat WaveStart with a tank top in a super saturated color. Caribbean blue is nice, don’t you think? Add a skirt; eyelet is a perfect summer fabric, and we’ve already discussed my affection for white.  Gladiator sandals with a fun element (like a tassel) are both easy and interesting. A belt wrapped around your waist nips it in and looks fresh (this version is Linea Pelle, a favorite brand when it comes to belts). Keep the accessories minimal, because nothing will make you lose your cool like heavy, bulky jewelry. A dainty necklace and simple studs are all you need.

To make the look office-appropriate (or to combat the chill of a cold movie theater/mall/restaurant), consider a cardigan or denim jacket. A blazer in a summer color or fabric (like linen or seersucker) is also a good choice. (And make sure the skirt you choose isn’t too mini, lest you end up in HR.)

Do you have a go-to outfit for super heated summer days? Share!


  1. Great outfit- it’s so simple but still has a lot of personality.

    And thanks for the link to the contest- I’m retweeting right now! 🙂

  2. What a cute outfit! And great for this insane hot weather- I get all sweaty just walking from my office to my car (like 30 feet) every afternoon!


  3. I wear lightweight tanks all summer long- American Apparel is my go-to shop. I usually wear the tanks with dress pants at work, or short skirts (like the eyelet skirt you show here- it’s so cute) and cutoffs otherwise. I love gladiators- but I have several pairs of leather flip flops that I wear alot too. 🙂

    Awesome post!

  4. Shop It To Me is awesome; I’m all about it.

    Sounds like you have this summer dressing thing down to a science, Effy! 🙂

  5. Love the skirt. SO cute.

    My go-to summer outfit is a light, all cotton daytime dress, boat shoes and a pair of Wayfarers. Classic to the max.

    Thanks for the contest link!

  6. Awesome post! My go-to summer outfit is a loose slouched tee and a pair of faded turquoise 5-inch shorts with a pair of flat t-strap sandals. Really easy!

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