Wrapped Up.

Now is the time of year when dressing can get a little tricky. Fall is definitely in the air, but not officially-so just yet. There are a few 80° days scattered here and there, but the nights are decidedly cooler. Your summer dresses are no longer enough, but it’s really not time to haul out the heavy wool.

My typical answer is to add a scarf. I have an entire drawer of scarves; it’s one of my go-to’s. Nothing too heavy (serious cableknit need not apply), but something to keep the chill at bay. More is king when it comes to scarves; several folds of fabric looks much better than a scrawny loop around your neck like a limp shoestring.

I surfed Nordstrom to find a few of my favorites:
Wrapped1. Lulla Collection by Bindya Gwen scarf ($28)
2. Nordstrom cashmere blend Ice scarf ($88)
3. Burberry Giant Check cashmere scarf ($375)
4. Jessica Simpson Ombré Animal Print scarf ($38)
5. Nordstrom Dip Dye Border Tissue wrap ($98)

Add these beauties to everything. Seriously, everything.

An obvious choice is a scarf over a tee. One of my favorite outfits is a white t-shirt, skinnies and a bright scarf. It’s perfect; it puts the most interesting aspect of the outfit right up next to your face.  I also love it with a lightweight turtleneck, or with a tank top and blazer. Want to jazz up that leather jacket? Scarf it.

And you know that strapless sundress you should put away for the year? Grab a cardigan and a scarf and you can rock it for a few more months (unless it’s very summer-themed, like a pineapple print or neon yellow).

Tell me– are scarves your thing?


  1. Love your blog!

    I love that tissue wrap- it would go with just about everything I own! 🙂

    Have a great weekend,

  2. New blog fan! I love the way you cover everything from red carpet to your personal style! This collage is a great showcase of scarves for the season- I definitely need a Nordstrom trip after this! 😀

  3. Awww you’re making Winter dressing loko oh so comfortable! Thankfully (or not so much so) we’ve just gone THROUGH Winter. Great ideas for when the weather freakishly cools down though (its so routine here lol) =)

  4. Scarves are a must for me too. I love the first one! I don’t own anything leopard. Perhaps the fourth scarf will ease me into the trend. 🙂

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