Winter Wonderlayers.

My neighborhood is buried under eight inches of snow, with another three on the way this weekend. The gray slush and brown dormant grass are gone, hidden under a fluffy white blanket. The local weathermen named last night’s storm, Winter Blast, Snowmageddan, etc.

Weather like this makes me want to pile on the layers, but layering can be a tricky mistress. Do it right, and you’re both chic and warm. Do it wrong, and you look sloppy and 15 lbs. heavier. Fashion is a bitch, yes?

The key to layering is sticking to mostly thin, light layers, and adding one or two major chunky pieces as your outermost layer. Think thin turtleneck, lightweight scarf and skinny jeans with a heavy sweater coat and shearling boots.

Layer Lovers

1. Victoria’s Secret Silk and Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater ($39)
2. Mod Cloth Globetrotting Grey Coat ($80)
3. Love Quotes Scarf in Maritime ($120)
4. Tenure Black Shearling Riding Boots ($70)

The turtleneck (1) is thin, which is ideal for your innermost layers. The cashmere silk blend means it will be soft against the skin, and this particular style comes in several color options. Grab any old pair of skinnies from your closet, and slip on a pair of thick wool socks before pulling on these killer shearling boots (4). They just feel badass, yes? Like, “Don’t mess with me, I’m both stylish and warm.” Double (or triple) a long, lightweight scarf (3) around your neck, and then into a chunky sweater coat. I love this version from Mod Cloth (2); it’s super cozy but still has great lines and won’t overpower your shape.


  1. Nice. I always get confused during the winters regarding my dress up. I want to look good, but along with that want to keep myself warm. Your tips are for sure helpful. Thanks a lot for sharing this.

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