Weekend Wishlist

The weekend is here… Well, almost. In that so-close-you-can-taste-it way. The temperatures are supposed to be in the 80s and the sun will be shining (finally, I feel like we’ve been in this cloudy-foggy-rainy muck for too long). I’ve filled my weekend dance card with a (slightly random) list of to-dos.

The boy and I are in the process of updating our landscaping, which means replacing mulch beds with rock bed. This sounds like a simple project, and it is— but it’s also quite tedious (not to mention heavy). We’re hoping to make some more progress this weekend (so we can clear the huge 15-ton rock pile from our driveway).

I’ve been dabbling in the spring shopping arena (restraint is hard and the clothes are so pretty), and have picked up a few items I’m excited to break in. Namely a white boyfriend-cut linen blazer and a pair of Gap’s Always Skinny jeans in a deep blue wash.

Fishtail braids are in; perhaps I’ll give one a whirl this weekend. (I’ll be googling tutorials first; this has to be less complicated than it looks, right?)

Hope everyone has a fab weekend.


  1. Once again having trouble posting on your blog, here I go again, pardon me if this is a duplicate. I am happy to hear those braids are in right now, I wore one last weekend because a couple of months ago I saw a picture of Minka Kelly wearing one, looked comfortable and cool. I can teach you how to braid your hair like that, it’s very easy, it was very common when I was a kid (you find ways to control thick Latin hair!) the only difference is that we used to have a pony tail and then braid it, fish braid it, I should say. I love the blazer, I want a light color one for the warm months. Let’s get together soon!

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