Spring for the Boys.

It’s been called to my attention that I don’t show enough love for the fellas in the fashion arena. I offer two reasons for this:

  1. My knowledge of girl fashion far exceeds my knowledge of boy fashion.
  2. While my guy has a decent sense of style, he doesn’t appreciate it when I try to force a vest or cardigan on him (despite the fact he would look so good in either), so even if I studied up on what’s in for guys, he wouldn’t necessarily bite. (This is just one battle in the war; trust I will eventually emerge victorious.)

Those reasons aside, Spring 2011 for the boys is looking very worthy of a shoutout here on LSR. 😉

Manly Spring 2011

Okay, boys. The color palette this spring is really classic, a bit muted (choose broken-in and slightly faded over super saturated colors). That Easter-egg color trend (especially in the chino/shorts department) is on the outs, so pack away your hilarious lavender shorts.

When you’re 9 to 5-ing it, branch out from the standard button-up and tie and add a vest. I’m so serious. My fiancé refuses to embrace it, but don’t let that stop you. What’s good for David Beckham is good for you— regardless of your feelings on soccer or his slightly high-pitched voice, the man can work a good vest. Learn from him. Dress it up at the office, dress it down by tossing it on over a t-shirt and leaving it unbuttoned. Black and gray can be a little formal, which is why I chose the beautiful tan version above. Very light, easy to wear and quite spring/summer appropriate.

Blazers are your friend. They’re instant outfit-boosters. I’m sure you have a black version reserved for dressy events, but a light-colored blazer will get some serious use as the weather warms up. It doesn’t have to be made of typical suiting material, either. A more casual cotton blend, linen or seersucker works great with dark denim and a checked shirt (see homie above).

Military is a big hit, so see if you can snag a military-inspired button up for the office. If that’s not your bag, a simple army green v-neck gives the same effect.

When you’re doing the weekend thing, step up your hoodie game with something navy and striped (nautical = huge right now) and/or something with loose neck and button detail.

Did I mention nautical? Yep, it’s back. With a vengeance. Do you have a pair of boat shoes? Hit up Sperry Topsider, the original and my personal favorite. They’re effortless, and work with either shorts or jeans. If faded blue doesn’t do it for you, the standard camel-colored brown is just as savvy. Also in camel: these. Pretty sharp.

Get yourself a good brown leather belt and wear it with everything (braided/woven is in; see the Tommy Bahama version above).

Stores to hit: JCrew, Express for Men, Nordstrom, Banana Republic, Gap.

Does that cover it? Am I completely off base, fellas? (If so, I blame the really good-looking models; they make everything look nice.)


  1. Love it! Especially the vest thing. I LOVE vests! I’m glad you’re seeing these catch on 🙂 Express for Men is hit and miss…especially for 9-5 style, but for preppy-casual, it’s great! I think you did fabulous for your first “boy-focused” style guide!! And am hoping to see future posts about us fellas!

  2. Goodness. Looks like I have missed several good posts. You will do great on the boy section, always such great ideas. I am lucky to have a husband with good style and open to my opinion, he loves cardigans and sperries, I don’t know if the vest would be his style though. Absolutely love jcrew, for men and women, my favorite store EVER!

  3. i liked this post. especially the “stores to hit” part. at 29 i feel like i’m at a “fashion crossroads” and it’s tough to know what stores are appropriate. i mean, we can only shop at Aeropostale for so long, amirite?

    are you serious about braided belts coming back in style? this goes against my very being.

    and $200 for a tie? what am i, c. everett coop? who? just kidding, he’s the old surgeon general. but he sounds wealthy, doesn’t he? that’s my biggest gripe about any time i glance through a men’s fashion mag (typically as a bonus section of like a men’s health) and they feature models wearing $150 t-shirts that look like something i could get at target for $8.

    anyway, i enjoyed the post. and i think once a season is about the right frequency to cover the men’s side.

    PS there is an LRS Auto Sales at 76th and Troost. i assume that is another one of your businesses. you are quite talented.

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