Up, Up and She Slays.

Pastel nail polish is back. Let’s establish that straight away. (ElleUK thinks so, too.)

Couldn’t be more happy about this. When I saw promo pics from China Glaze’s Up &  Away collection, I think I actually
made some sort of girly-squeal-like noise. Pastels! Shiny, happy, Easter egg pastels!

It immediately reminded me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Odd, yes— I realize this.

But season 1 of Buffy introduced us to the title heroine and her occasionally fantastic pastel manicures (also: knee-high boots, miniskirts, high ponytails and cute vampire boyfriends pre-Edward and company, but I digress).

I was 13-years old, and if I couldn’t wear the miniskirt and knee-high boot combos Buffy wore, I could at least paint my nails a crisp mint shade and pretend that later I’d have to sneak out of my bedroom window to fight evil.

But Up & Away doesn’t just offer chic Jordan Almond-esque shades, but some brights as well.

cgupawayswatch1I’ve purchased Something Sweet, Light As Air, Re-Fresh Mint and Peachy Keen. Am seriously considering Lemon Fizz, to punctuate my pastel fix.

I’m mulling over the rest. Happy Go Lucky is super edgy— maybe too edgy for me. Four Leaf Clover could make for a fabulous pedicure color. Grape Pop reminds me of Grimace (of McDonald’s fame), but in a good way. I feel like I might have dupes of Sugar High, High Hopes and Flyin’ High in other brands.

Or I might cave and buy them all.


  1. I can just see the full display sitting in your dressing room. Would look really great w/ your wall color in your dressing room. Pretty colors!

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