This and That: Black Wedge Edition.

We’re all still crushing on Kate, yes?

One thing I love about the Princess is that she isn’t a wear-it-once-and-toss-it kind of girl; she recycles pieces of her wardrobe. (This is, of course, calculated move in a brilliant campaign to show that the younger monarchs are savvy, accessible, and not over-indulgent. And bravo— how tragic is it to have a gorgeous Burberry trench and only wear it once? That’s like taking one bite of your gourmet turkey sandwich with avocado and then dumping it in the trash— right in front of some starving homeless puppy. Just mean.)

Kate has been spotted frequently sporting a black of black patent wedges. She pairs them with another one of her wardrobe staples— a floaty dress. The wedges are by LK Bennett, a London-based high street store. They’re simple and classic, just like the new People’s Princess. However, they’re £165 (which is about $265 American dollars), and that’s before the £45 ($72) to ship them to that States.

How about an alternative?

This and That: Kate Middleton Wedges

I found a few variations on the trend, both slingback and open-toe, but still right up Middleton Alley. Jessica Simpson makes a slightly taller fabric version for $69, and Franco Sarto adds a super cute bows and stays on trend with patent leather for $79.

I would take either pair and wear with dress a la Kate, but I’d also wear them with skinny denim (or slim cut white ankle lengths pants; very summer-appropriate) or trousers at the office.

What do you think? What would you wear these classic wedges with?


  1. I love Jessica Simpson! I have countless pairs of her shoes- looks like I need to get these cute wedges, too!

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