This and That: Moto Jacket Edition.

In my opinion, leather jackets are essential to life.

The right leather jacket can completely transform an outfit– taking a super girly dress and giving it a rocker edge, or making the classic jean-and-tee combo a little more dangerous. It’s a great piece to have on hand for transitional weather (i.e., spring, fall or a chilly summer evening), and provides an interesting layer to any outfit.

Mike & Chris is a go-to brand for super cool + easy chic leather. However, the price tag can be little staggering.

So let’s have a little This and That, shall we? Allow me to present a good M&C dupe:


The Mike & Chris option (top left, via Net-A-Porter) will set you back $825. Yikes. Lovely, and in the right economic climate (i.e., recent Powerball winner), perhaps totally feasible.

The rezrekshn option, on the other end of the checkbook spectrum, is a more affordable $220 (via Victoria’s Secret). You get still get that fabulous, buttery leather that only gets better with age without having to decide rent vs. cool new jacket.


  1. VSecret is an amazing resource for cute jackets! I have this really cute ruffled brown one (not by Rezrekshn, though) that I wear all time. Love it!

  2. Do you have either one of these jackets? Or something similar?
    I want to see how you wear them- every time I try to pair a jacket with something, I always look really weird. HELP!

  3. I have a jacket that’s really similar to the one from Victoria’s Secret… Haven’t really broken it in yet. Maybe with a spring-like dress?

  4. Jen- I adore VS!

    Olivia- I have a few jackets that resemble the options here. I like to push up the sleeves and pair with short sundresses/miniskirts, or wear with skinnies and a fitted tank. It’s a really versatile piece; definitely worth considering! And I’ve thought about putting pics up of my outfits… But haven’t made a clear decision. What do you think? Think I should do it?

    Alissa- Yes, little dresses + jackets are a fav trend of mine right now.

    Emily- Thanks for stopping by! Swing by again soon. 🙂

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