Seasonal Switch for the Fashion Closet

With consistent 45° mornings, I think it’s time to pack up the sundresses and pull out the sweaters. I’ve been clinging to summer as long as I can (and even extended it with a tropical vacay), but the summer jig is up.

Even the Fashion Closet has its space limits, so with each season comes a wardrobe rotation. I pack away slinky summer dresses, flimsy tanks, flip flops, and espadrilles… And bring out the cableknit, tall boots, wool, and cashmere. I also use the time to do a bit of an edit, making a To Give Away pile. Friends, family, and the Good Will always benefit from a wardrobe rotation at my place.

Now I’m ready to hit some fall sales for new wardrobe additions (it’s a disease, I think).

Boots aren’t my only fall/winter-friendly shoes… And then there was the issue of packing away the 70 lbs. of strappy summery sandals I own and replacing the shoe shelves with snow-appropriate closed toe stilettos. See (pics via the Berry, btw):

…And I keep buying shoes WHY?!

Ready, set, snow.


  1. I’m always so sad to pack my summer clothes away… But changing things up is good, too! I need some new sweaters- any suggestions on where to buy?

  2. Jen- You’re right… Those are just a sample of my boot collection. I’m a boot fiend!

    K- Express typically has some great sweater options, so does Gap. is a great resource- they have every cut, color and material imaginable. I like to hit the sample sites for cashmere sales, too. 🙂

  3. Yes it is a disease!! I don’t think we can find a cure! (Poor Lancer).
    Looks great as usual! I miss u!

    Maybe we should get Sushi soon?

  4. I hated packing away my summer sandals and flip flops. Shoes and socks feel so constricting, but since I need to keep my toes I just have to deal. How many days until Spring? Loved the post.

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