Red Carpet Rundown: 2013 Grammys.

Before you start with the, “Oh that? You liked that dress?” all hyper-eyeroll, let’s review the cardinal Grammy fashion ground rule: almost anything goes. This is not the Oscars; this is not a gala with the Queen. This is rock ‘n roll, bring your avant-garde A-game. With that in mind, let’s talk best and worst.



Kelly Rowland in Georges Chakra Couture. Sometimes I worry that Kelly Rowland has never really recovered from allowing Beyonce’s mom to dress her for years and years, as she seems to take more fashion tumbles than most. But this dress– this dress was good. I love the structure the sheer lines create, but the mermaid trumpet skirt keeps it girly. It’s risky, but in a good way (although I do wonder if from certain angles someone didn’t get a view normally reserved for Kelly’s gynecologist). And that necklines serves her killer shoulders well, don’t you think?


Florence Welch in Givenchy. I can feel you tilting your head back, about to give an emphatic eyeroll. STOP. Just for a second; hear me out. The green is gorgeous; the fit is absolutely perfect. (If you think it’s easy to do fitted full-stop floor length sequins, I invite you to wander into any local prom and you will quickly realize this can go terribly wrong, terribly fast.) The spikes are weird, but cool. This isn’t some lazy strapless princess gown, okay? It’s a glam Godzilla, and I’m so down with it. Who knew Florence was working with such a sick body? Well done, girl.

Karlie Kloss in Michael Kors. Cut-outs were all over the carpet, and nobody did it better than Karlie. So clean, and that color is so fresh and spring and perfect– I just want to fast forward to May so I can wear it all the time. Loved the short hemline in a crowd of full gowns.

Allison-Williams-Kaufman Franco

Allison Williams in Kaufman Franco. Fashion armor. There were quite a few dark gray/soft black dresses (Carly Rae, Carrie Underwood, etc.) on the carpet Sunday night, but this was by far my favorite version. The detailing is exquisite; like an aerial shot of some futuristic city at night, right? Love the muted sparkle, and that Allison chose very soft hair and makeup to add some depth to the gown’s toughness.


Rihanna in Alaia. My favorite of the night. I love that Rihanna went super feminine and soft with this look; she’s normally right there on the edge. I half expected to see Ri Ri in a pair of leather hot pants, spiked booties and a ripped tank top, you know? Instead, we’ve got this absolute goddess on the carpet. The dress flows beautifully; love the sheer panels and the way the fabrics crosses over the torso. Red lips + red nails complete the look.



Katy Perry in Gucci. I liked most of this dress: the color, the fit, the long sleeves, and even the daring keyhole. But what I didn’t like completely outweighed all those things– the embellishment at the neckline. Not feeling the brown/orangey bits mixed in, or the way it lays. It all just plays tacky.

Carrie-Underwood-Roberto-CavalliCarrie Underwood in Roberto Cavalli. This is a prom dress, am I right? I might’ve been okay with it had the dress stopped where the detailing ends at the thigh. A short, sassy number could have been good. Just maybe. But the sheer shimmery over the lace nude didn’t work (and is that a peek of Carrie’s Spanx in the middle there, or is that part of the dress?). That is Politician’s Wife hair, and a budget smokey eye. Nope.


Kimbra in Dion Lee. I’m having terrifyingly vivid Bjork flashbacks;  someone bring me a hot tea and a copy of the latest Vogue to pray over. I know I said before that the Grammy’s are avant-garde, but I didn’t say the Grammy’s are ugly. Related: those bangs are bullshit.


As always, I want to hear what you think in the comments! Let’s hash it out!


  1. I really loved Karlie’s dress, especially that it wasn’t so so so formal.

    Wasn’t crazy about Katy Perry or Florence- but I see your point on it being a good Grammy’s dress. 🙂


  2. Perfect review! I thought Florence’s dress was really amazing- not something I would ever personally wear, but that’s not the point!

    And yes, Carries’ wearing a BAD prom dress! Call her out, haha!


  3. I think Florence is either on everyone’s Best or Worst- there is no inbetween! I thought she look really interesting- and isn’t the key point of fashion, to be interesting?!

    Kimbra was interesting- but ugly, lol, you’re so right!

    Great review! You have a great fashion eye!

  4. In love with Rihanna’s look- I wish she’d go girly more often!

    Carrie was boring, haha. And I think her dress would’ve been better if it was cut at the thigh! Great thought.

  5. Florence did NOT look like Bowser, lol! Although that’s funny. She took a fashion risk and I thought she pulled it off! Not for everyone, but really cool!

  6. Love your Red Carpet Rundowns- you always hit the nail on the head!

    I really loved Rihanna’s dress, and Kelly and Carrie looked great. Allison looked incredible!

    Didn’t like Kimbra AT ALL, also didn’t like Kelly Osborne’s hair!

    1. This is a good point- the dress code might’ve changed up the way the celebs chose their outfits. And you have to remember that a few super crazy fashionistas weren’t on the carpet- Minaj, Gaga, etc. 🙂

  7. Your best and worst list is dead on! Ri Ri was the best, and Kimbra was definitely my worst-dressed of the night!

    Have a great week, gorgeous!

  8. Loved Rihanna’s dress.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post ‘Ripple Effect’.


  9. Florence in head to toe Givenchy was amazing. I’m glad someone else loved it too! She said it was custom made for her, and she got to choose the color and they were sending her all kinds of sequins samples. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

  10. “Those bangs are bullshit” AHHH HA HA HA HA. I will be laughing for days over that one. I have to say I disagree about Florence Welch; I think, yes, she has an amazing body, but the color coupled with the spikes makes her look a little like King Koopa from Mario Brothers.

  11. We liked similar choices! I actually really liked Katy’s because its a lot better than what she usually wears {the Grammy’s 2 yrs ago for example} I also liked Carrie’s as well! xo

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