Red Carpet Rundown: 2013 Golden Globes.

First of all, a quick thank you for all the lovely feedback on the blog! I’m a happy camper so far here at WP, and am definitely relieved to have a more user-friendly comment feature. Cheers for upgrading.

A quick carpet rundown of my best and worst. Do you agree? Disagree? Are we not on speaking terms? Let me have it in the comments!


JenniferLawrence_DiorHauteCoutureJennifer Lawrence in Dior Haute Couture. Jennifer has a sick, ridiculous, REAL body, and this dress does great things for her little waist. I thought she looked gorgeous and fresh, and I loved the shiny silver belt. The color isn’t quite red; more faded or even deep coral. So good. Also, she had the flu. She looks like this when she has the flu. So there’s that.

MichelleDockeryMichelle Dockery in Alexandre Vauthier. Shoulders. That’s what I screamed when I saw this gown. I love how beautifully shaped they are, and the gold detail is exquisite. I love how abruptly the gold stops and the fitted, clean white takes over. Really artful. Well done, Lady Mary.


Kate Hudson in Alexander McQueen. The perfect amount of skin, but still really sexy. And I’m jealous because only the small-busted ladies can pull this look off. I’m a fan of the black sleeves, the gold at the neckline and waist, the mini-train. Perfect, perfect. And I love Cali Girl Kate as much as the next, but perhaps a neckline like this deserved an updo? Show it off? Minor complaint; she looked gorgeous.

LucyLiu_CarolinaHererraLucy Liu in Carolina Herrera. Is this where we stop talking for a few days? And maybe you don’t sit at my lunch table? Because I actually really liked this dress. Loved, if I’m honest. I know I shouldn’t– I know what you’re saying, “Curtains! Drapes! Patio furniture for the elderly!” But the thing is, this is a classic cut gown with a very bold print that looks amazing on Ms. Liu. The structure− nobody was doing structure like this. Plus pockets! I love a gown with a pocket. And this dress is quite different from what Carolina Herrera normally does (see Renée Zellweger in everything she’s ever worn on the carpet: fitted, mermaid, monochrome). It certainly is not for everyone; this isn’t going to win any points with the minivan set– but there’s something very yes, good about it that I’m identifying with. I thought the lavender backdrop was quite pretty against Liu’s complexion, and I loved the slightly disheveled fishtail braid.


SiennaMiller_ErdemSienna Miller in Erdem. Not the best fit for a body like Sienna’s, am I right? Boxy, and that boat neck is gross. And those pop-up flowers are really 2010 (and I hated them then, so there’s that). The whole thing is like a bad quilt at the foot of Marcia Brady’s bed. Sienna can do so much better.


Jessica Chastain in Calvin Klein. Never allow anyone to force you out of the house in a dress that makes your chest look like a sad, deflated balloon at the end of a child’s birthday party. And the straight cut across the back isn’t flattering− it gives the illusion that she’s wide, and she’s most definitely not.  Insult to injury: Jessica’s hair and makeup team did her a disservice on Sunday. The hair is trying to be Judy Garland, but that unfortunate part down the center is making it look like she’s balding on top. A berry lip is very chic, but with minty-fresh-baby-turquoise blue? It feels too heavy. Not a good showing. Even the publicist-type walking behind her is making a stank face.

AlyssaMilanoAlyssa Milano in Port 1961. Sateen is not your friend, okay? Really ever. Look how it wrinkles, and how it puckers out from that stupid under-boob belt to give her an unflattering Fabric Belly. And are we harassing her breasts for sport, or what? I hate the way the fabric reigns them in like one of those baby slings. The color washes her out, and that center part is busted. No, wrong, go home and try again.


I want to hear who you loved (and hated)! Ready, set, comment!


  1. Love the Lucy Liu / Herrara dress – – makes a statement! Think all your other comments are right on – – greart taste lady!

  2. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who LOVED Lucy’s dress! Yes, it’s totally different and a little crazy- but I thought she looked so beautiful!

    Agree on Michelle, agree on Alyssa (wow bad) and definitely agree on Sienna!

    Spot on review, Ash!

  3. Lucy Liu’s dress was too weird for me- but I totally get why it worked (does that even make sense, haha). Like I couldn’t see myself wearing it, but I liked it for her.

    I absolutely adored Kate’s dress- and did you see Anne Hathaway? I loved her in white!

  4. My favorite of the night was definitely Jennifer Lawrence! So pretty! Love that color!

    Worst of the night was Sienna Miller- what was she thinking?

  5. I think Sienna made it on everyone’s “worst dressed” list. I actually didn’t care for Jennifer Lawrence’s dress – only because of the chest area. Not the most flattering but I agree with you, the color is great! I thought Jessica Alba had a fantastic dress and I loved Kate Hudson’s!

  6. Loved Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Hudson….gorgeous women. Kate is an all-time fav of mine. So jealous because I cannot pull off that cut…darn small busted women! Loved the shape of Lucy’s Carolina Herrera but NOT that print. Sorry, but I threw up in my mouth a little bit. Loved Jessica Alba in Oscar de la Renta, and Claire Danes looked stunning in that red Versace. Your worst dressed list is definitely accurate. Is that the sound of stylists getting fired that I hear?

  7. I love Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Alba!

    Didn’t really like Sienna Miller, Jessica Chastain or Rachel Weiz.

    Great rundown, darling!

  8. I really loved the belting detail on Jennifer Lawrence’s dress! So pretty and different.

    Did you see JLo? She looked like she was trying REALLY hard. TOO HARD!


  9. Haha. Your writing is so witty here! I really chuckled and funnily enough agreed with everyone you said.

    When the world has Elie Saab, Oscar de la Renta and Armani Privé, teamed with expert stylists and hair & make up magicians, I struggle to work out how looks like that orange one at the end can even exist. Probably a very pretty woman, put her in a sheer plunging matte white Armani gown and give her big hair draw to one side – beautiful!

    Instead she looks like a Minger from a Coventry prom.

    But what do I know!

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