Red Carpet Rundown: 2011 BAFTAs

The BAFTAs (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) and the Grammys happened on the same night, but there was no way I could tackle a red carpet review of both in the same day. Forgive me?

I love the British. A short vacation in London several years was really all it took to spark a serious case of anglophilia. I actually don’t have a half-bad English accent, given the right backdrop (i.e., a few days lurking in Trafalgar to get my vowels clipped just right).

Shall we critique? Oh yes, over tea and crumpets.

The Brilliant:

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Emma Watson in Valentino. So pretty, yes? The color is a little plain, but the detail on the dress is perfect. A great ruffled one-shoulder, nipped waist and tight pleats with lace detail. Emma has a face like no one else. Those big doe-eyes and a perfect mouth. Although I’m not typically a fan of cropped pixies, if anyone can work the look, it’s Emma. I’m not brave enough to chop my locks off— I feel like I look like a dude when I pull my hair behind my head in a bun.

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Thandie Newton in Monique L’huillier. So romantic, so gorgeous. This is how you do a print! Typically I’m not an advocate of tucking-and-draping around the hips (adds girth, not a good thing), but somehow the massive print makes it artful, not tragic. I love that Thandie went with black accessories— black polish, ring and necklace— that brings out the black in the print and keeps the look from getting too sweet. Lovely!

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Jessica Alba in Atelier Versace. Crazy beautiful color. It’s not true cobalt, but it’s not royal either. Bright periwinkle? I don’t know, but I love it. The necklace is a great choice; punches things up. However, not a fan of the red lip + tight hair style on Jessica. She needed to pick one or the other. The milkmaid braids would have been stellar with a nude or light pink lip. Or red lips and long, loose curls. Minor squabble.

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Rosamund Pike in Noidea. Another sick print. This feels like McQueen, don’t you think? It’s like a tribal version of a Rorschach test. In the best way. So lovely. I love the halter neck and how everything flows after that; it’s wispy and feminine but also strong with the bold print and killer belt. How comfy do you think she was? I bet very. She could have several drinks in that dress and not worry about bloat. Always a plus. The hair and makeup just add to the golden goddess appeal.

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Emma Stone in Lanvin. My favorite dress of the night. Emma is so beautiful here, and it seems her makeup artist fixed that self-tanner problem she had at the Globes. I love how the belt breaks up the colors of the dress, and how the paperbag trim of the top of the skirt just barely peeks out. She looks killer in a one-shoulder (small chest, lucky). Love the gold cuff and clutch. Not a big fan of the shoes, but I do love the color. Stunning!

The Rubbish:

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Hailee Steinfeld in Miu Miu. OLD. So old. This girl is 14. Why is the neck so high? And why does the sheer layer bunch and stretch like that on its way up to the collar? It makes her look like she has the biggest trapezius muscles ever. Hulk-style. Whatever peplum-thing that is happening around her waist is bad. Girth, again. And the length of that yawn-inducing black skirt is seriously librarian. Which is made worse by the square-toe granny shoes. NO. WRONG.

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Jennifer Lawrence in Stella McCartney. Really? Is that black choker giving anyone else a serious 90s flashback? And not the good kind. The gross-gothic-shops-at-Hot-Topic kind. Why does the bodice look like it’s about to fall down? I would be very concerned about this if I were Miss Lawrence. The way the cups go east-west makes her look like she has pecs, not breasts. And where the bodice meets the skirt— does that scream Mother of the Bride to anyone else? This is so bad, I’m wincing right now. Hurts to look at.

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Julianne Moore in Tom Ford. What’s wrong with this picture? 1) The smokey eye + red lip look too harsh and try-hard on Julianne. She looks much better with less. 2) The hair is dull. Flat. 3) Velour? Um, no. And deep turquoise velour doesn’t cut it, either. 4) Those seams along the front don’t do much for the overall aesthetic, yes? Not feeling it.


Your BAFTA fashion thoughts?


  1. I never remember who wins the Baftas, but I always check out what the stars wore! 🙂 My favorite dress was Rosamund’s. It looks like the perfect tropical vacation getaway dress.

    Great post!

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