Red Carpet Rundown: 2010 Emmys

Time to let ’em have it. I’m ready; are you? Here are the best, the worst, and the blah.

The Good:

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Heidi Klum in Marchesa. Holy legs. And detail. And lashes. Klum killed. Don’t whine that her dress is too short— it’s the Emmy’s, not the Oscars, so one can be a little brave. And it’s Heidi Klum, for the love of Karl Lagerfeld. With that body, she can do as she pleases.

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Sofia Vergara in Carolina Herrera. So gorgeous. I’m kinda digging the sequined design on the front of the dress— it reminds me a little of seismograph waves turned on end. But it’s super flattering; she looks 9 feet tall here, and that length doesn’t sacrifice her curves. Win!

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Lea Michele in Oscar de la Renta. Love the navy, love the ruffles. Lea’s skintone carries that color very well. It’s all a little Spanish-dancer, but it works. She looks so tiny here (and is in real life, I imagine). The collar necklace was a beautiful choice.

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Dianna Agron in Carolina Herrera. Gone With the Wind magic! Seriously, Scarlett would kill for this. One of my favorites. So ladylike, love the lace detail, love that it’s a black-and-blush pairing (rather than a black-and-white pairing), love the simple updo– Dianna has an insane face, yes? Beautiful!

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Jennifer Carpenter in Oday Shakar. Fainting over this. So pretty, but edgy and fun. I love a fabulous dress that doesn’t take itself too seriously. And how sick is her body? Ridiculous. I love that her hair is sideswept but down, and she kept her makeup and jewelry fairly simple. A top 3 for me.

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Claire Danes in Armani Privé. What is happening, here, My So-Called Life? Your fashion sense is out-of-control-amazing these days. Have a looksie. Yes, it’s a simple, safe cut. No fancy ruffles, pleats or trains. (All that beadwork is super heavy– can you imagine the weight if a train was involved? No thank you.)  Yes, it’s a simple color. Champagne has been done again and again. But it works. She shimmers; the dress makes her skin glow. In love!

The Meh:

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Anna Paquin in Alexander McQueen. This was hard for me. McQueen is/was a total visionary, and I love Anna for always taking a risk– but this just didn’t work when all the elements came together. I love the idea of almost-armor at the shoulders, but the way it dips down just under and around her chest doesn’t give her enough definition. Too bulky/breastplate-ish. And there’s something bothering me about the way the bodice is fitted until that random (and slanted) seam at her hip. The skirt draping is awkward and the shoes are clunky, too. All very near-misses.

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Emily Blunt in Dior. A little boring (especially for Blunt, who usually brings it), and a little too springtime. Something about the hair, too… Maybe some volume? I’m not a fan of those finger waves, so maybe that’s it.

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Oliva Munn in Zac Posen. Snore.  (And someone remind me why she was even there?) Not feeling that weird dead-center panel on the dress. Makes her look like she’s got a vase plastered to her front. Odd?

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Lauren Graham in Yigal Azrouël. It was a good effort. Ish. Nothing wrong with color-blocking. But that white piece is too drapey; I feel like she’s tucked her napkin into her shirt at Thanksgiving dinner. Who brought the cranberry sauce?

The Bad:

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Emily Deschanel in Max Azria Atelier. Too. Many. Damn. Crepe. RUFFLES. And explain to me the bangs?

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Kate Gosselin in Carmen Marc Valvo. Um, why are you here? I don’t see Michelle Duggar on the carpet (although, it’s probably because they wouldn’t let her in wearing floor-length khaki and a mullet). Anyway, back to judging your dress. Right. It’s budget, it’s boring– but at least your hair isn’t trying to eat your face.

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January Jones in Versace. I struggled with this for the following reasons: I love cobalt blue, I love brave red carpet choices, and I love the look of nipped in waist + huge skirt. But this dress looks like a parade float. Don’t you think? Some ocean-themed Homecoming float… Under the Sea, perhaps? Can’t you just see it? This shiny blue material (is it mylar?) padding a flatbed trailer carrying the high school band? And maybe the trumpet player has to stand on the wheel well and keeps getting knocked off balance, which causes him to screw up the fight song. Go team!

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Rita Wilson in Prada. Yes, you read that right: PRADA. What in the chandelier hell is this? What was she thinking? By itself, that white sheath is ill-fitting and gross. It’s like a slip that trying to choke her out. Her neck looks like it belongs to a turtle. And then there’s the crystal smock. …The hell? Makes her look thick, accentuates that hero-in-a-halfshell business, and is generally really offensive. This dress pissed me off (Jaunary’s didn’t, you’ll note). The worst? Those shoes:

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Oh sweet Jesus. Really? A ten-thousand crystal smock wasn’t enough? You had to hang ’em from your lucite heels? That’s a clear plastic overload. So chunky. She looks like she’s wearing chandelier HOOVES. I’m gagging.

Those are my thoughts… Do we agree? Disagree? Tell me who you loved and hated!


  1. Yay! Emmy’s post!

    Heidi always kills it on the red carpet. I love that she’s primarily a model but steps right in to the Emmy’s and shows all of the actresses what’s up. Seriously, she’s a goddess. Aside from Heidi, Jennifer Carpenter was my fave. That dress was gorgeous and fit her like a glove. I love that she kept her hair down.

    I was drinking some tea while I was reading this and almost sprayed it out all over my keyboard when I read your critique of Kate Gosselin. Floor length khaki and a mullet… HAHA! So good.

    January Jones looked like a wreck. Aside from the dress, what was up with her hair? Looks way too casual for the Emmy’s.

    Speaking of the ladies of Mad Men, what did you think about Christina Hendricks?

    1. You know, I was torn with Christina. Her girls were out there, which is where your eye immediately goes… But when I got to thinking about it- what other choice does she have? If she covers those pups up too much, she’s going to get a Tit Shelf. No one looks good with a Tit Shelf. So another part of me is like, “Get it, girrrrrrl. Worrrrk it.”

      The color was interesting… That mauve-y plum-y lavender looked great against her skin, and was too “SPRING” (see Emily Blunt). Not sure about the feathers… I feel like the dress designer (Zac Posen) tried to incorporate too much with a dress that already going to be displayed on a woman with a fabulous shape. Christina Hendricks is not your standard model- she doesn’t have a body that acts as a clothes hanger, you know? She has these amazing curves, so I feel like ruching and feathers and pleating and trailing train all together, all at once… Is a little overkill.

      Longest reply ever, yes? 🙂

  2. Awesome post- I love it when you review red carpets! I always laugh so hard at the “Meh” and the “Bad” categories!

    My favorite dress of the night’s was Claire’s, too! So so pretty. I want it (although I have no where to wear it).

  3. Oh man, Rita looked awful! What was she thinking?

    My favorite = Dianna Agron! She looked like such a princess!

    Great post, as always!

  4. My favorites were Heidi, Sohpia and Dianna. #1 on my list was Claire Danes! Love the simple dress and the color and the amazing crystals. And she looks so amazingly put toghether! That was a definite HIT!

    Worst for me were Anna, Lauren and January. Absolute worst- RITA! But I can happily say that she did change for the afterparties and looked much better!

    Kate Gosselin- Why are you on the red carpet? Why are you on TV? Why do I still have to hear your name and voice on a regular basis? She was on ET talking with the new DWTS cast and it almost made me sick! She kept offering them advise… umm… YOU WERE HORRIBLE! And why is it all about you? Then one of the cast asked if her kids were going to be at a taping in anytime and she gave a look that said “my kids? why would I take them anywhere? You must be crazy!” Honestly, I would rather see them than her!

  5. I loved Lea’s dress, too! She’s a bitch? I didn’t know this- but I read that article and WOW! What a snob.

    Rita’s was awful, but my worst/most hated was definitely January. Parade float is totally how I would describe it, too! Dead on!

    Excellent post- I love your red carpet rundowns! They’re the best.

  6. Dress overload!

    Loved- Claire, Lea and Jennifer… And kinda Anna Paquin. I agree with you, though- the dress needed some tweaking to make it better. I especially agree about the “breastplate” thing! It needed to fit her body better.

    Hated- Rita, January and Olivia Munn. I agree- why was she there? And why was Kate Gosslin there? Who are these people? Haha.

    1. Definitely was a risk!
      And I’m hearing arguments for both- why they loved, why they hated.
      I think we can all agree she’s a gorgeous girl with some fashion guts! 🙂

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