Nude Attitude.

On the list for your next shopping trip?  A pair of nude heels.

I know, I know. You pass them up almost every time– choosing a brightly colored sandal or a chic black pump instead.

I get it– nude can be weird.

Isn’t it too Grandma-esque, like flesh-colored pantyhose? Is it supposed to match my skin tone exactly? What does nude even go with?

It can; but it doesn’t have to.

Nude pumps lend a lengthening effect to an outfit. My preference is peep toe with a substantial platform (a lá here).

For your fashion consideration:

Nicole Richie

Nicole’s nude Loubs match her dress and skin perfectly; one doesn’t know where her skin ends and the outfit begins. Like the summer equivalent of all-black during the winter months; cohesive.

Lauren Conrad

Lauren’s nude platforms doubles the lengthening payoff. Combined with a short  minidress (also nude!), her legs look 19 miles long. Such a plus for girls with short and/or athletic legs (um, volleyball? I love you, but I’ve got some serious muscle happening in the leg region due to my years on the court).

Victoria Beckham

Victoria is working all the of-the-moment neutrals at once: black, gray, olive and nude. It’s interesting. If you described the outfit to me without showing me a picture, I’d probably wrinkle my nose. Doesn’t sound appealing, but I think it looks quite chic, don’t you? Victoria illustrates that you don’t have to pair nude heels with a nude outfit.

Lucky for us, nude is huge right now. You can find a pair of nude pumps just about anywhere, at almost every price point. Happy shopping!


  1. I have recently purchased two pairs of nude heels- one with a massive platform and one without and I LOVE them! I don’t have to worry about if they do with the outfit because they ALWAYS go with the outfit! And for a girl with short legs I will try anything to have them look even a little bit longer!! Great post!

  2. This is so true- nude goes with EVERYTHING! But you’re right- I always seem to pass them up while shopping because they look a little boring. Not now- going to buy a pair this weekend! The hunt is on!

  3. I’ve tried on a few pair of nude stilettos and they look weird on me! I don’t know what’s wrong- maybe it’s the color? I want a pair so bad, but I can’t find one that I like! Shopping suggestions, please?

  4. I have to say I like Victoria’s look the best when it comes to rocking the nude heels. I love the green, black, and grey color palette, too! One of my favorite casual outfits of the summer has been a pair of olive green linen blend short, simple black scoop neck tank, a nude no-button cardigan and a pair of camel-y colored loafers. A pair of nude heels are definitely on my shopping list though. What about nude nails? Still okay. I’m in love with Sephor’s OPI “Nonfat Soy Half Caff”. Such a flattering and functional color.

  5. I’m all over a nude platform, LNH!

    Elle- I’m seeing them everywhere, too. And not just in fashion mags/on celebs, but on my fellow Midwestern ladies.

    Jen and Olivia- try Bakers, Aldo and Nordstrom (they’re having a sale right now). You can get a pair of sharp nude pumps for a great price.

    Alissa- my pair are Aldo, too. Great minds!

    Carrie- Victoria is my idol. I’m changing my last name to Beckham, no joke. And I LOVE nude polish- need to pick up Nonfat Soy Half Caff, soon! 😉

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