In Your Head

A study performed by the University London College has revealed the majority of us have “massively distorted” body images when we look in the mirror. They estimate that we view ourselves as much as two-thirds wider than we actually are, and one-third shorter. (The adjective “squatty” comes to mind.)

I read this and thought, “Yes. INDEED.”

Because we’ve all been there, right? In front of the mirror, in a tee and jeans we’ve worn a million times before, thinking, “How the hell am I this wide? What happened? Is this a trick mirror?”

Apparently, not so much a trick mirror as a trick mind.

We are affected both by what the media and the fashion industry define as beautiful, and many times how beautiful one is deemed to be directly relates to how thin she is.

How gross. Really. It’s 2010 and I don’t have a corset to bind myself up. Sue. Me.

And now this constant barrage from the outside world about thinness and beauty has translated to an actual neurological shift in our brains. Like the crappiest link of evolution ever, or something. Now what we see is not really what exists. We look in the mirror and roll our eyes and vow that tonight, at dinner, no dessert. And more cardio ASAP.

When in reality, we’re fine. Better than. We’re beautiful.

This is not to say that one shouldn’t be mindful of diet and exercise, but it is an argument against the unattainable standard society has pounded (literally!) into our brains.


  1. That’s a good question- will this ever be solved?
    I have had days like this. I think every girl/woman has days when she doesn’t like what she sees in the mirror. But this is really interesting- maybe “fat days” are a figment of our imaginations?

  2. Yet ANOTHER reason why the beauty/fashion industry needs to adopt more realistic standards!

    Excellent post- the word on this needs to get OUT!

  3. Totally agree with this post! Women should not be judged by how thin they are. The hardest person on a woman is herself and that is not right. SAD 🙁

    On a side note… I think I am just as short as I look… therefore I wear heels!! LOL!!

  4. I think I’m the opposite. Often I think I look better than I really do! Then I catch myself in the “oh crap, I look like THAT?” moment. Then again, I’m nine months pregnant.

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