Fashion Autopilot.

As much as I like to mix it up and try new things when it comes to fashion and style, there are times when my mind is elsewhere. (Hi, work deadlines? Landscaping projects? Puppies on a rug-shredding rampage? Welcome to my life in September.) During times like this, I lean on a few old favorites to sustain my style.

The cigarette pant. I reach for these over and over again. Cigarette pants are a serious linchpin of my office uniform. They define chic– anything associated with Audrey Hepburn has the tendency to do this– and can be worn with virtually every shoe: ballet flats, sandals, pumps, ankle booties, etc.

The maxidress. Spring through early fall, I’m maxi-ed out several times a week. You get a lot of drama with very little effort on your part– the perfect fashion equation.

The cardigan. How do I love thee, let me count the ways… 1. Great layering piece. 2. Perfect work staple: provides warmth from chilly office buildings and coverage over your tanks and camisoles. 3. Mixes up your wardrobe: that t-shirt/tank/denim combo looks totally different layered with a cardi. 4. From small and fitted to long and floaty, your options are endless.

The flat knee-high boot. A great fall/winter shoe option. Boots have this delicious little way of being both badass, fashion-forward and super chic all at once. Throw them on with a dress + tights (or bare legs if the weather permits), or over skinnies and leggings. Whether your preference is motorcyle, riding or simple, you really can’t go wrong with having a pair of these in your closet.

The ballet flat. Perfect for those on-your-feet-no-rest-but-still-want-to-look-put-together days, or for days when you just don’t feel like heels. Great for the office, where flip flops and more casual footwear are often frowned upon. Again, with the Audrey Hepburn association. So chic.

The white t-shirt. I have serious t-shirt addiction, and the white v-neck is like my heroin (or whatever the most addictive illegal substance ever is). I can never have enough, I’m always chasing that next great white v-neck with the perfect fitted + slouch combo, etc. An American classic– simple, easy, goes with everything. You can do jeans and a white t-shirt a thousand different ways.

Fashion Autopilot

When do you slip into fashion autopilot mode?


  1. I do this, too! My go-to outfit is a pair of dark skinny jeans and a blazer with either a tee or a tank underneath. VERY easy! 🙂

  2. I love that scrunchy gray sweater! Really cute and would go with everything.

    When I don’t what to think about what to wear, I usually grab my favorite dress- it’s black, just above the knee, and can be dressed up or down.

  3. Great post! I love that gray sweater, too!

    My autopilot takes me to skinny jeans, a v-neck t-shirt and loafers/boat shoes. Seriously, I know it’s mid-September but I’m having a really hard time retiring my Sperry’s 🙂

    And odd request (of sorts) but I’m starting my role in the 8-5 corporate world in a week. Any suggestions on stylish work gear? I would LOVE your input… I’m clueless here!!

  4. Great post!

    It’s good to know that you have an “autopilot” too! I feel like it’s just me sometimes, lol. I have these black flats that I love and wear with everything.

    I’m with Carrie- I’d like to see a post on stylish work wear! That’d be so helpful!

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