Emerald may be Pantone’s color of 2013, but don’t try and shove tangerine (the 2012 champ) to the back of the line. Nobody puts tangerine in a corner.

At least, not in my closet.

This outfit was born during a particularly dark week: too much content migration and not near enough sunlight. I decided to channel summer with orangey-coral brights. Which also meant a nice texture mix with velour, stripes, and suede.

Blazer and sweater: JCrew; trousers: Gap; pumps: Aldo; necklaces: Lily Wang; watch: Michael Kors
Blazer and Sweater- JCrew; Trousers- Gap; Pumps- Aldo
Blazer and Sweater- JCrew; Trousers- Gap; Pumps- Aldo

So maybe I’m dressed like a box of Skittles, what of it? It’s just fine. Your seasonal affective disorder will thank you later.


  1. Orange/tangerine is a really amazing color for spring and summer- glad to see you’ve snuck it into rotation for the winter. 😉

  2. I love your style! The color here is just so pretty and I’m loving the way everything goes together. Those pants are super cute, too.

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