A Closer Sun.

It’s finally spring.

I couldn’t be happier about this; spring is my absolute favorite time of year. Everything is greening up, turning over, starting again, and in a way it feels like you’ve never seen colors this bright before, breezes this refreshing, sunshine this warm. It’s a bit of a rebirth for everyone, not just the tulips, right?


I can’t help but be affected by this weather.

I’ve packed away my heavy sweaters and sworn off pants for a while in lieu of dresses (even if I still have to occasionally wrap up in a cardigan and/or a lightweight scarf).

The season is a little intoxicating. The sun feels warmer, closer than it has in months and months. Winter was so long. SO long.

And now we’re here. In the beginning of May and it feels like a homecoming, a reunion of sorts. I forgot what the trees looked like bursting with bright green leaves, or the way the white petals float from the crabapples along a breeze before settling in the culverts.


Break out your sundresses, ladies! And give yourself a pedicure and celebrate in some springy sandals.


  1. I love spring!
    Winter lasted so long this year- or at least that’s what it felt like- that spring is a welcome change. I love the pictures of the trees, they’re really awesome!
    Great post! Makes me want to have a picnic outside.

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