This and That: Shearling Boot Edition.

I started lusting after Burberry’s sick shearling boots the second I saw them stomp down the runway. How did Christopher Bailey make shearling so cool? By toughening up the softness of the wool with tough buckles, a rugged sole, and a killer heel.

The Burberry’s will set you back $1,130 (mortgage, much?), but I found a near-identical pair at wallet-friendly Aldo:

This and That: Shearling Boots

The Aldo Griems are originally $140, currently on sale for $77.

These boots work best with dark skinny denim or leggings, and would be perfect for transition dressing during that cool-but-not-winter-cold period before spring really takes hold. How fabulous would they be with a pair of dark leggings and some light-colored, flowy and chiffon on top? Great mix of girly and tough— and a fashion-savvy combo for early spring.


  1. Those Burberry boots are to DIE FOR! The Aldo ones are almost exactly the same- and at a fraction of the price! Amazing find!

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