Office Pajamas.

Please, you’re not that surprised to see me in a onesie again, are you? If you’ve been around a minute, you know I don’t shy away from a jumpsuit– not even when it’s hunter green and paisley.

I found this crosshatch print one-piece at Nordstrom, and immediately started scheming ways t0 make it work a) during the winter and b) at the office. I know that come summer I’ll wear this number out with stiletto sandals and not much else, but it needs another layer right now in order to fly while it’s winter. I kept the additions simple because the jumpsuit is already pretty busy: a black blazer and black pumps.

black blazer, printed jumpsuit

Jumpsuit- Astr; Blazer- Vince Camuto; Pumps- NineWest (old; similar on sale!)

black blazer, printed jumpsuit

printed jumpsuit

Bracelet- Leith (on sale!)

The material is silky (polyester done right) and feels like dressy jammies– no joke. Talk about being cozy. The only downside to wearing this in the winter is that it’s too thin against the bitter cold (so I chose to wear it on a day that wasn’t in the single digits).

I did get a few side glances at the office, but I think people now mostly just expect me to turn up wearing something a little ridiculous.

Switching topics, a bit of a furry announcement: making her debut on the blog is our newest pup, Scout. She’s two pounds of rat terrier terror. (I’m only half-joking about the terror bit; she’s already learned how to escape from her kennel and has managed to scale the couch to leave a present on the back cushion.)


Scout the Terror Pup

scout-collageSo if you were wondering why there are bags under my eyes, blame Scout, whose tiny useless bladder insists on being emptied about every three hours. (It’s okay, she’s a total snuggle bug and the cutest girl ever, so we’ll forgive her.) See more snaps of Scout on my Instagram.

Is everyone enjoying their holiday week? I’m off work until the new year and am going to use the time off to teach Scout to sit, power through a stack of magazines waiting to be read, and host a little NYE get-together (which also happens to be my birthday). Happy almost-New Year, everyone!

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119 thoughts on “Office Pajamas.

  1. Me encanta , lo luces muy bien, fue muy gracioso eso de que en la oficina solo esperan que aparezcas con algo ridiulo, jajaja , tu ignóralos que saben ellos de moda.

  2. I died twice. First I was totally blown out because of your gorgeous jumpsuit! Hello, big jumpsuit-lover here!!! :)
    And then, the dog!!! Now you could insert my “baby-voice” since I’m starting yapping “little cutie-pups-sweetie pie”etc. :) Anyway, so cute! Also, a big dog-person here!! :)
    xo Kat

    ps. I got to start following you on Instagram!!

  3. Congrats on Scout. She is a beauty, just like her mamma. You got another beautiful jumpsuit on your body, once again. Pairing it with a Black Blazer & Black Pumps with your Top Knot was perfect, for the office.

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